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SelectInput Maintainability

Single-purpose select box/dropdown with an input field—without dependencies (ie11+).

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Install with npm

npm i -D @dotburo/select-input


import SelectInput from 'select-input';

// Minimal parameters
let selectInput = new SelectInput('.select-input', {
    items: ['A', 'B', 'C', 'D']

// Listen to events, add a callback and show the list 
selectInput.on('selected', e => console.log(e.detail))
           .on('created', e => selectInput.getCurrent())
           .onDelete(item => window.confirm('Sure?'))

Available options

Option Default Description
items [] Array of strings, numbers or objects
current null Item to be selected upon instantiation
maxHeight 0 Maximum height of the dropdown, 0 equals no constraint
allowAdd true Whether to allow adding new elements to the list
proposal 'Add {X} to the list?' Message to add an item to the list, {X} will be replaced
notFound '{X} not present in the list' Message if nothing was found (only used if allowAdd is false)
sort true Whether to sort the list
order 'desc' Sort order
allowRemove true Whether to allow removal of items in the list
removalIcon '×' HTML for deletion button in each item li-element
placeHolder 'Type to search' Input field place holder
onDelete null Callable, fired before deleting an item; return false to prevent deletion
onCreate null Callable, fired before creating an item; return false to prevent creation
valueKey 'value' If the items are objects, the key of the property to use as value
textKey 'value' If the items are objects, the key of the property to use for display


  • selected
  • created
  • removed

Event handlers can be bound with instance.on() or instance.getElement().addEventListener(). In browsers which support CustomEvent the detail property of the event object contains the created, selected or removed item. For older browsers instance.getCurrent() will need to be used.

Public methods

instance.on(event, fn, el = null): instance

Listen to events, pass in and event name (String), a subscriber (Function) and optionally and event target (Element). If the latter is omitted, events are delegated to instance.getElement().

instance.onDelete(fn): instance

Pass a function to be called before deleting an item. If the function returns false, the item will not be removed.

instance.onCreate(fn): instance

Pass a function to be called before creating an item. If the function returns false, the item will not be created.

instance.toggle(show = false): instance

Show or hide the list

instance.getElement(): HTMLElement

Return SelectInput's outermost element

instance.getItems(): array

Get all the items in the list as an array of objects

instance.getCurrent(): object

Return the currently selected item of the list

instance.setCurrent(string|undefined): object

Set or clear the current value (only existing values can be set)

instance.findItem(string|number): object

Find an item in the list by its value

instance.remove(): void

Unbind all events and clean up the DOM

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