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MultiSelect Maintainability

Simple multiple <select> box (dropdown) in vanilla Javascript

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Install with npm

npm i -P @dotburo/multi-select


import MultiSelect from 'multi-select';

// Minimal parameters
let multiSelect = new MultiSelect('.multi-select', {
    items: ['A', 'B', 'C', 'D']

// Listen to changes 
multiSelect.on('change', e => console.log(multiSelect.getCurrent()));

Available options (and their defaults)

items: []                           # Array of strings, numbers or objects
display: 'value'                    # If an array of objects was passed, the property to use for display in the list
current: null                       # Items to select upon instantiation
parent: null                        # Parent element, to 
maxHeight: 0                        # Maximum height of the dropdown, `0` means no constraint
sort: true                          # Whether to sort the list
order: 'desc'                       # Sort order
placeHolder: 'Select items'         # Place holder text for when nothing is selected
more: '(+{X} more)'                 # Place holder multiple selections; `{X}` will be replaced with current count;
                                    # if `{X}` is not present, `more` will replace the whole placeholder

Event listening

MultiSelect triggers one event: change.
Event handlers can be bound with instance.on() or instance.getElement().addEventListener(). In browsers which support CustomEvent, the detail property of the event object contains the selected or deselected item. To get all currently selected items use instance.getCurrent().

Public methods

instance.on(event, fn, el = null): instance

Listen to events, pass in and event name (String), a subscriber (Function) and optionally and event target (Element). If the latter is omitted, events are delegated to instance.getElement().

instance.toggle(show = false): instance

Show or hide the list

instance.getElement(): HTMLElement

Return MultiSelect's outermost element

instance.getItems(): array

Get all the items in the list as an array of objects

instance.getCurrent(string key): array

Return the currently selected items; if a key is passed, it will be used to return only the matching value of each item object.

instance.setCurrent(): void

Programmatically set the currently selected items

instance.findItem(value): object

Find an item in the list by its value (String|Number)

instance.remove(): void

Unbind all events and clean up the DOM

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