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The new Doppler CLI is exceptionally light and fast, and is provided as a binary to support environments without node. Migrate today by visiting our installation documentation.

Doppler Node.js Library

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The Doppler CLI provides convenient access to the Doppler API from applications written for only server-side code.


Install the CLI with:

npm install -g @dopplerhq/cli

CLI Commands

Here is a list of commands the Doppler CLI offers:

Usage: doppler [options] [command]
  -V, --version                          output the version number
  -k, --key <API KEY>                    override the API Key in configs
  --api-host <HOST URL>                  override Doppler's API host (default: "")
  --deploy-host <HOST URL>               override Doppler's Deploy host (default: "")
  -h, --help                             output usage information
  login                                  login into Doppler on your computer
  setup [options]                        setup local development for a pipeline
  config                                 view config variables
  run [options] <COMMAND>                run your app with variables from Doppler
  workplace [options]                    workplace information
  logs [options]                         workplace activity logs
  pipelines [options]                    list of pipelines
  stages [options]                       list of a pipelines's stages
  environments [options]                 list of environments in pipeline
  variables [options]                    view all variables in environment
  update                                 update the Doppler cli

Development Setup

The first thing you will want to do is login into the CLI in the root directory of your project.

doppler config:set key=<DOPPLER API KEY>

Now let's setup your project's directory to use Doppler. Please make sure you are in the root directory of the project.

doppler setup

Production Setup

Using the CLI to fetch environment variables in production is super easy! Let's set your Doppler credentials so your machine can communicate with Doppler.

doppler config:set key=<DOPPLER API KEY> pipeline=<PIPELINE ID> environment=<ENVIRONMENT NAME>

Run App

Using the run command, specify the application you'd like to execute. The application will then be executed with your Doppler secrets injected directly into the environment. This allows the application to read your keys out of the environment using your language's built-in environment variable syntax (e.g. process.env.VAR_NAME, os.environ["VAR_NAME"], os.Getenv("VAR_NAME"), System.getenv("VAR_NAME"), etc). This method does not require any changes to your existing application and works with all languages and platforms.

doppler run -- node server.js
  -f, --fallback <DOTENV FILEPATH>  writes to this file on boot and read from it when you lose connection to the Doppler API.
  --fr, --fallback-readonly         treat the fallback file as read-only
  -p, --pipeline <id>               pipeline id
  -e, --environment <name>          environment name
  --                                interpret everything after this option as part of the command to run
  -h, --help                        output usage information

Fallback Option

When the fallback option is enabled, the CLI will write to a .env file on boot and read from it when you lose connection to the Doppler API.

doppler run --fallback="./fallback.env" -- python

Extra Examples

A few ways to use the CLI with popular programming languages:

doppler run -- go run server.go # go
doppler run -- php artisan serve # php
doppler run -- java -jar Server.jar # java
doppler run -- node server.js # node.js
doppler run -- python # python
doppler run -- ruby server.rb # ruby

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