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MotorCortex is a dynamic video technology for the Web

What you can create with MotorCortex is donkeyclips. donkeyclips are just dynamic video components that accept parameters on runtime. You can even edit the donkeyclip on runtime by adding or removing incidents.


  • Anything that occurs at a specific point in time and has a very specific duration is an Incident

  • We separate context with action. context is your setting. E.g. in an HTML video your context would be the HTML and all of its elements, while on a 3D clip the context would be all the models, the lights etc. All of your available material.

    The action on the other hand is a change (e.g. color, movement, etc) that happens in and on the context.

  • A full story, consisting of both context and action (Incidents) is called a Clip

  • A full Clip can enter the timeline of another Clip taking both a “physical” and a time position on it

  • Always at the top there is a root Clip, which is the only playable clip. We call it the donkeyclip

MotorCortex implements these concepts as es6 Classes providing all the building blocks needed and an easy API to compose donkeyclips.

Animations and Effects

All Classes are extendable making it very easy to create:

  • Animations: Pre-configured Clips with pre-configured (yet parametric) context and action
  • Effects: Incidents that alter the state and attributes of elements of the context
  • Totally new Clip types, such as canvas, audio etc. Animations, Effects and new Clip types can easily be exposed by Plugins.



Home page: https://motorcortexjs.com

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