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    Paw JS

    Paw JS - The plugable framework

    A highly scalable & plugable, Progressive Web Application Framework with the best Developer Experience. This framework utilizes the power of React with Webpack and is build on top of webpack/tapable for unlimited extendability.

    No configuration required

    You start the development with nothing but just one single file i.e. src/routes.js

    Getting Started

    To install and get started with PawJS execute the following commands:

    1. Clone the repo to your local PC and go to the installation
    git clone https://github.com/Atyantik/pawjs.git && cd pawjs
    2. Install the dependencies
    npm install
    3. Prepare the packages and demo project
    npm run prepare-demo
    4. Start the demo project
    npm run start


    PWA - Progressive Web Applications

    Create Progressive web application with ReactJS. As we all know, Progressive Apps are not supported everywhere, but we have added support for Safari & Chrome so your application can work as standalone applications when added to home-screen or saved as desktop app.

    Code splitting

    The very difficulty faced when developing enterprise application is code splitting. We don't need everything in a single JS file. Why not simply split the code with import() and create bundles! We make it really easy here to just create a page that returns an array of routes. Code is split and loaded automatically when the respective route is called.

    ES6/7 Compatible

    Using babel, we support next generation JavaScript syntax including Object/Array destructuring, arrow functions, JSX syntax and more...

    Universal Routing with React-Router

    We are using the most accepted React router for routing the application. Add your favorite /about, /contact, /dashboard pages.

    Offline support with Google Workbox

    Yes your application is offline available. Run without internet. Pretty cool huh?? Well all thanks to service workers and google workbox for handling the cache & network strategies.

    SSR - Server side rendering

    The best way to get your application SEO-ed is enable Server side rendering i.e. Universal applications You can have SSR running during development as well.


    Our customized routes enable creating meta tags to create Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Facebook cards. We know how important SEO is to an application.

    HSTS Supported

    Enable HSTS for secure sites. Options to define maxAge and preload of HSTS. All with very simple configuration.


    Atyantik Technologies Private Limited

    Everyone at Atyantik Technologies is contributing their free time for contributing to the project and core discussions.


    This project is licensed under the MIT license, Copyright (c) 2018 Atyantik Technologies Private Limited. For more information see LICENSE.md.


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