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@dom-native/draggable is a minimalist API for expressive in-page drag and drop based on PointerEvent.


  • Native HTML5 drag and drop API is great for in/out of browser drag and drop, but can be sub-optimal for in polished drag and drop.
  • Dragging element with raw PointerEvent is possible but requires quite a bit of boilerplate code for polished behaviors.



  • Based on modern PointerEvent (see PointerEvent introduction)
  • Follow the standard drag and drop event names 'DRAGSTART' | 'DRAG' | 'DRAGEND' ... but all uppercase to avoid native name polluting and does not attempt to mimic the native HTML5 APIs beyond the event naming.
  • Fully delegatable, meaning the API does not need to bind each individual draggable element, but bind to the container with a selector for the elements (e.g., draggable(rootEl, '.drag-me'))
  • No evt.dataTransfer but a evt.detail with all usefull context such as .source, .ghost, .droppable, .over, .pointerEvent, .data, .originX, originY, ... to build simple to advanced behavior.
  • Common behavior such as moving the draggable with position or translate and ghost/clone builtin.
  • Implement a global drag and drop with one line
    • draggable(document, '.draggable', { drag: 'ghost' });
  • Can be bound at the top level with draggable(rootEl, selector, controller?)
  • or activated on pointerdown with activateDrag(sourceEl, pointerEvent, controller?) for finer activation control.


# dom-native is a peer dependency
npm install dom-native @dom-native/draggable

Quick Intro

<div class="root-el">     
  <h4>Drag this and drop anywhere</h4>      
  <div class="box drag-me">Drag Me</div>
  <h4>Clone will show here</h4>
  <div class="zone show-zone"></div>
import { draggable } from '@dom-native/draggable';

// Makes all '.drag-me' element from rootEl draggable and droppable anywhere in the rootEl
// Note: O(1) binding - The selector '.drag-me' is 'live', meaning that the drag will get activated 
//                      when a roolEl's matching '.drag-me' element will be recieve pointerdown
draggable(rootEl, '.drag-me');

rootEl.addEventListener('DROP', (evt: any) => {
	const clone = evt.detail.source.cloneNode(true);

	// No matter where it is dropped, add it to the show-zone for this example
	first(rootEl, '.show-zone')!.append(clone);

See more on DEMO

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