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    Dollar Generators

    Dollar Generators

    Scaffolds for things we do everyday as devs. Skip the annoying stuff.

    Some commands take in an ID, such as route or component ID. ID's are formatted as something/cool/my-component. These commands should always be run from project root.

    npm i -g @dollarcode/dollar-generators

    • Generate an Express service (with TypeScript)
    • Scaffold Express route
    • Create React Native component (with TypeScript & test)
    • Create React component (without TypeScript)
    • Configure VS Code
    • Generate Docusaurus docs


    option shortcut description
    --path -p installation path (relative)

    dg express my-project
    Installs Express service with TypeScript. The above example would install in the directory ./my-project.

    dg express my-project -p test
    Installs Express in test directory. The above example would install in the directory ./tests/my-project.

    dg express-route users/create-user
    Scaffolds a route file to handle Express req and res. The above example would create the route file as ./src/routes/users/create-user.ts

    React Native

    dg rn cool/story/bro-component or dg react-native cool/story/bro-component Scaffolds out a React Native with TypeScript. Command must be ran from the root directory of your project src for all of the magic to happen properly.

    The file structure matches the expectations and conventions of

    Running the example command above with create the following files:

    • ./cool/story/bro-component/index.ts
    • ./cool/story/bro-component/bro-component.tsx
    • ./cool/story/bro-component/bro-component.spec.tsx
    • ./cool/story/bro-component/bro-component.composition.tsx
    • ./cool/story/bro-component/bro-component.constants.ts


    dg cra project-name
    Creates a React project using Create React App. Like CRA, this installs your project in a directory of the same name as the argument provided ("project-name" in the example above).

    dg react my-component -p test/component
    Creates React component without TypeScript

    option shortcut description
    --path -p installation path (relative)

    Pass desired component name as second argument.

    Docusaurus Docs

    dg rn-doc cool/story/bro-component Generates doc file for React components that are using TypeScript. The generator assumes Docusaurus is installed in a docs directory right off project root. There is currently no config that allows the use of a different directory.

    The doc generator also assumes you're following the naming convention outlined in the React Native section, which is to say you must have the following two files:

    • bro-component.tsx
    • bro-component.composition.tsx

    If you're unfamiliar with the composition pattern, run the React Native command just to see the file structure and how the composition file is implemented and used in the spec file. As an added bonus, composition files help to self-document the code by clearly showing how the component should be used.

    Configure VS Code

    dg vscode
    Creates a .vscode directory inside the current working directory.

    After install, run the following to install Eslint dependencies:

    npm i -D @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin @typescript-eslint/parser eslint-config-prettier eslint-plugin-mdx eslint-plugin-prettier

    Test the Eslint configuration by running:

    npx eslint .

    Eslint will tell if there are any config issues or missing dependencies. Otherwise, it'll tell you which files have errors. Yay for red squigs!

    These files are generated:

    • ./.vscode/extensions.json for recommending and blocking extensions
    • ./.vscode/launch.json to configure node and nodemon debugging
    • ./.vscode/settings.json configures VS Code settings, including auto-formatting
    • ./.vscode/spellright.dict dictionary for spellright
    • ./.eslintignore
    • ./.eslintrc

    Alright, now lets talk about the settings. The settings provided are fairly opinionated in terms of linting and auto-formatting. You can obviously modify these rules however you see fit, but I felt the need to give you a heads up.

    Good news, though – the Prettier config used for auto-formatting is completely stock (ie: default settings). The linting rules, however, are definitely to my personal taste.

    More generators coming soon! Be sure to update frequently for all the latest generators and features.


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