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Dolby.io - Native Desktop SDK

Native Desktop SDK is a new platform that allows creating native desktop applications for video conferencing using only JavaScript. Combined with the Dolby Interactivity APIs Web SDK, this modified Electron open-source framework allows you to create native desktop applications from a web application. Native Desktop SDK also supports the Dolby Voice Client codec to provide high audio quality and introduces video filters that allow you to blur the participants’ backgrounds, or replace the participants’ backgrounds with selected images.

For more information about the Native Desktop SDK, see the Native Desktop SDK document. For more information about building a basic desktop application using Native Desktop SDK, see the Getting Started guide.

Note: Native Desktop SDK is built using the Electron framework. Electron includes other libraries, notably FFMpeg. The libraries included are licensed separately from Native Desktop SDK and acceptance of the Dolby license does not cover these third-party libraries. See the file "Native_Desktop_SDK_Third_Party_Software.html" in the SDK for the licenses covering these libraries.

For additional information on Dolby Interactivity APIs SDK releases, recent changes, and new features, see the Dolby Interactivity APIs Client SDK release notes.




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