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This package contain TypeScript interfaces and types that are widely used across Dojo 2 packages. It is designed to make it easier to maintain these interfaces as well as build code that integrates well with the rest of the Dojo 2 packages without requiring a hard dependency on those other packages.

WARNING This is beta software. While we do not anticipate significant changes to the API at this stage, we may feel the need to do so. This is not yet production ready, so you should use at your own risk.


To use @dojo/interfaces install the package:

npm install @dojo/interfaces



Evented and Destroyable interfaces, which are used throughout many packages, specifically@dojo/core and @dojo/widget-core.

Evented defines an interface for objects that emit events, while Destroyable defines an interface for objects that have own and destroy methods.


Common, foundational interfaces used widely throughout most Dojo 2 packages. Includes Handle and event related interfaces EventObject, and EventTargettedObject.


Interfaces for working with @dojo/loader. If the loader is included on the page, you can reference the loader with:

import { DojoRequire } from '@dojo/interfaces/loader';
declare const require: DojoRequire;

require(['some-module'], (someModule) => {


Thenable and ArrayLike interfaces. Thenable will allow you to use promise-like objects without pulling in @dojo/shim.


A set of interfaces for working with widgets and the virtual DOM. To work with a VNode:

import { VNode } from '@dojo/interfaces/vdom';

let node: VNode;

node = someFlag ? v('div') : v('p');

How do I contribute?

We appreciate your interest! Please see the Dojo 2 Meta Repository for the Contributing Guidelines.

Code Style

This repository uses prettier for code styling rules and formatting. A pre-commit hook is installed automatically and configured to run prettier against all staged files as per the configuration in the projects package.json.

An additional npm script to run prettier (with write set to true) against all src and test project files is available by running:

npm run prettier


To start working with this package, clone the repository and run npm install.

In order to build the project run grunt dev or grunt dist.


Since this is a type only package, we are currently working on the best way to test this package.

Licensing information

© 2017 JS Foundation. New BSD license.




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