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Dojo 2 core

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This package provides a set of language helpers, utility functions, and classes for writing TypeScript applications. It includes APIs for feature detection, asynchronous operations, basic event handling, and making HTTP requests.


To use @dojo/core, install the package along with its required peer dependencies:

npm install @dojo/core

# peer dependencies
npm install @dojo/has
npm install @dojo/shim


Feature Detection

Using the latest Web technologies isn't always as straightforward as developers would like due to differing support across platforms. @dojo/core/has provides a simple feature detection API that makes it easy to detect which platforms support which features.

Language Utilities

The core package provides modules offering language utilities. Some of these are heavily based on methods in the ES2015 proposal; others are additional APIs for commonly-performed tasks.


The @dojo/core/lang module contains various utility functions for tasks such as copying objects and creating late-bound or partially applied functions.


The @dojo/core/load module can be used to dynamically load modules or other arbitrary resources via plugins.


The @dojo/core/stringExtras module contains various string functions that are not available as part of the ES2015 String APIs.


The @dojo/core/UrlSearchParams class can be used to parse and generate URL query strings.

Event handling

The @dojo/core/on module contains methods to handle events across types of listeners. It also includes methods to handle different event use cases including only firing once and pauseable events.

HTTP requests

The @dojo/core/request module contains methods to simplify making HTTP requests. It can handle making requests in both node and the browser through the same methods.

Promises and Asynchronous Operations


The @dojo/core/Promise class is an implementation of the ES2015 Promise API that also includes static state inspection and a finally method for cleanup actions.

@dojo/core/async contains a number of classes and utility modules to simplify working with asynchronous operations.


The @dojo/core/async/Task class is an extension of @dojo/core/Promise that provides cancelation support.

How Do I Contribute?

We appreciate your interest! Please see the Dojo 2 Meta Repository for the Contributing Guidelines.

Code Style

This repository uses prettier for code styling rules and formatting. A pre-commit hook is installed automatically and configured to run prettier against all staged files as per the configuration in the project's package.json.

An additional npm script to run prettier (with write set to true) against all src and test project files is available by running:

npm run prettier


To start working with this package, clone the repository and run npm install.

In order to build the project run grunt dev or grunt dist.


Test cases MUST be written using Intern using the Object test interface and Assert assertion interface.

90% branch coverage MUST be provided for all code submitted to this repository, as reported by istanbul’s combined coverage results for all supported platforms.

To test locally in node run:

grunt test

To test against browsers with a local selenium server run:

grunt test:local

To test against BrowserStack or Sauce Labs run:

grunt test:browserstack


grunt test:saucelabs

Licensing information

© 2004–2018 JS Foundation & contributors. New BSD license.

Some string functions (codePointAt, fromCodePoint, and repeat) adopted from polyfills by Mathias Bynens, under the MIT license.

See LICENSE for details.

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