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Set of gulp tasks.


Set of gulp-tasks.


npm install @doctolib/gulp-tasks



Custom config

const gulpTasks = require('@doctolib/gulp-task');
const gulp = require('gulp');
gulpTasks(gulp, gulpTasks.generateConfig('./path/to/my/module'));


gulp clean:examples

Clean examples dist.

gulp build:examples

Build examples.

gulp watch:examples

Watch examples.

gulp dev:examples

Run dev mode for examples.


gulp clean:lib

Clean lib.

gulp watch:lib

Watch lib.

gulp build:lib

Build lib.

Tests and coverage

gulp test [--watch] [--logLevel]

Run tests.

gulp open:cover

Open coverage in browser.

gulp coveralls

Run coverage and reports on coveralls.

Release and publish

gulp bump:[type]

Bump version of package.json.

gulp publish:git

Publish the version of the package on git.

gulp publish:npm

Publish the version of the package on npm.

gulp publish:examples

Publish the examples to GitHub pages.

gulp publish

Publish git, npm and examples.

gulp release:[type]

Build lib, bump and release package.