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    Dock SDK

    A Javascript library for working with Verifiable Credentials, DIDs, Claim Deduction and more. Built with PolkadotJS, for use with the Dock Substrate Node or our public main/test networks.

    Install or build

    • Run yarn add @docknetwork/sdk or npm install @docknetwork/sdk to install the package from npm
    • When building from source:
      • Run yarn to install the dependencies
      • Run yarn build to create a distribution version.

    Build Status


    Have a look at the concepts and tutorials. These are generated from markdown present over here. Files prefixed with concepts describe the concepts and files prefixed with tutorials have a tutorial on using the API. Checkout the API reference


    The example scripts present in example directory are meant to demonstrate a complete feature. The following commands demonstrate different features.

    • Run example to create a new DID, register it, update its key and remove the DID.

      yarn dock-did-example
    • Run example to resolve DID

      yarn did-resolver-example
    • Run example to see revocation

      yarn revocation-example
    • Run example to see verifiable credentials

      yarn vcdm-example


    Use Dock's substrate node:

    Running dev node:

    ./target/release/dock-node --base-path /tmp/alice --chain local_poa_testnet --alice --port 30333 --ws-port 9944 --rpc-port 9933 --telemetry-url 'wss:// 0'

    Use the mainnet tag of this repo when interacting with mainnet as the master branch isn't guaranteed to be mainnet compatible.

    Test and example Configuration

    Configuration variables like websocket endpoint for node FullNodeEndpoint, URI for account to pay for extrinsics TestAccountURI and keyring type TestKeyringType can be set as environment variables (or in an .env file). If they are not set, default values as specified in file test-constants.js are used. The scripts read parameters from .env file. The available parameters are shown in an example env file env_example


    Run unit tests with yarn test.

    Run a single unit test module with yarn test <module name or prefix>.

    Run e2e integrations tests with yarn test-integration (required node to be running)

    You can run tests against a temporary node in docker like so:

    yarn test-integration

    or with the alias:

    yarn test-with-node

    and examples can be similarly run with:

    yarn examples-with-node

    Linting and type checking

    We use JSDoc and TypeScript for static type checking during the CI process. PRs must pass linting and type checking to be accepted. You can run via: yarn lint --fix and yarn type-check




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