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PrettyVC - Render pretty verifiable credentials

This library aims to solve the problem of presenting verifiable credentials to the user in a a pretty, readable and informative way. It takes a credential's JSON and makes several guesses as to what content to show based on type, document property names and more. You can check out a demo at https://docknetwork.github.io/prettyvc/

Please feel free to submit example credential JSON and templates, the more we have the more robust the library can become.


  • Renderer agnostic (React, SSR, headless)
  • Works well with html-pdf and html-to-image
  • Easily customizable CSS
  • Multiple templates and template deduction
  • Generates identicon images if none can be found
  • Generates QR codes of the credential ID URI


Install through your favorite package manager:

yarn add @docknetwork/prettyvc or npm install @docknetwork/prettyvc

Once installed, basic usage is simple:

import { getVCHTML } from '@docknetwork/prettyvc';

const options = { generateQR: true };
const vcHTML = await getVCHTML(credentialJSON, options);
// append vcHTML in your body

If using a framework like NextJS or webpack, you must either build your own CSS rules or import the templates:

import '@docknetwork/prettyvc/styles/card.css';
import '@docknetwork/prettyvc/styles/diploma.css';

If using NodeJS/SSR and dont wish to serve CSS files, you will need to use a package such as juice to embed CSS styles into style tags.

getVCHTML will return the credential HTML with CSS classes, you must write your own wrapper for whatever purpose you need. In the NextJS example we have a simple wrapper that supplies a font size to scale the credential.

See the NextJS/React example here.

If you wish to get just the data and do the rendering yourself instead of injecting sanitized HTML (if you are using React Native for example), you can use the method getVCData:

import { getVCData } from '@docknetwork/prettyvc';

const options = { generateQR: true };
const vcData = await getVCData(credentialJSON, options);
console.log('vcData', vcData);


  • Add tests going through each credential and ensure it outputs the correct fields we'd expect to see as a human
  • Demo script for creating PDF credentials
  • Report template that renders tables (see CMTR example)
  • Document options
  • Add more credentials




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