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    Diversify.sh CLI

    This is the tool used by developers to manage their account and perform about any operations they need on the platform. Most operations require authentication.

    Getting started

    The best way to use this tool is to install it with NPM

    npm install -g @diversify/cli

    This assumes that you have Node.JS 8.x installed. If not, please refer to the Node.JS web site for instruction related to your platform.

    This tool has been tested on Linux and on OSX. Windows user should report any issues they encounter at Github.

    Available Commands

    • order ls
    • order create @order.json
    • order monitor
    • deposit ls
    • deposit confirm
    • market status --symbol=ADA,XRP --xid=binance
    • client create
    • client ls
    • strategy create <@strategy.json>
    • account register
    • account auth [--username --password --refresh]

    Planned Commands

    • order cancel
    • order update
    • wallet report
    • strategy list
    • strategy publish
    • strategy update
    • strategy remove
    • payout ls
    • payout emit
    • strategy overview
    • strategy plan
    • client revoke
    • client report
    • exchange ls
    • exchange balance
    • position ls
    • position show
    • position buy
    • position adjust (take-profit, stop-loss)
    • position sell
    • position watch [p1,p2,p3]


    npm i @diversify/cli

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