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Ditto JS SDK

Ditto is a cross platform SDK that allows mobile, web, and IoT apps to sync with and even without connectivity.

Version: 4.4.0

Please visit ditto.live for more info as well as the API Reference for this particular version.

Getting Started

Add the Ditto NPM package to your project:

npm install --save @dittolive/ditto

Import @dittolive/ditto in your source and start using it:

import { init, Ditto } from '@dittolive/ditto'

(async () => {
  // Initialize the Ditto module
  await init()

  // Create a Ditto context:
  const identity = { type: 'offlinePlayground', appID: 'live.ditto.playground') }
  const ditto = new Ditto(identity, 'playground')

  // Get hold of a collection:
  const cars = ditto.store.collection('cars')

  // Insert an entry:
  const fordBlack = { _id: "ford-black-123", model: "Ford", color: "black" }
  await cars.upsert(fordBlack)

  // Find an entry by ID:
  const foundFordBlack = await cars.findByID('ford-black-123')

  // Remove an entry:
  await cars.findByID('ford-black-123').remove()

  // Done:
  console.log("Done, over and out.")

NOTE: Ditto is powered by a WebAssembly and native Node core written in Rust under the hood. By default, when running in the browser, Ditto will fetch the corresponding WebAssembly file from the web. That same file is contained within the NPM package under web/ditto.wasm so you can serve it yourself. Simply make the file accessible somewhere on your server and pass the URL to init():

import { init, Ditto } from '@dittolive/ditto'

(async () => {
  // Pass the URL to the ditto.wasm file:
  await init({ webAssemblyModule: 'https://my-app/assets/ditto.wasm' })

  // Then use Ditto as you normally would:
  const identity = { type: 'offlinePlayground', appID: 'live.ditto.playground' }
  const ditto = new Ditto(identity, 'playground')

  // ...

This may be useful for development or production environments without a reliable internet connection. Make sure to properly configure the server to return the correct MIME type (application/wasm) and the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header if the .wasm file is served from a different domain. For production environments, make sure to use compression (gzip) and proper caching headers.


The NPM package has a built-in bare minimum playground web page (index.html) as well as a Node REPL ('playground.cjs') allowing you to start playing with the Ditto SDK right away. Simply cd into the package directory, run npm run play:web or npm run play:node and follow the on-screen instructions.


Ditto JS SDK is a commercial product. Please consult LICENSE.md within this package for license details.

Copyright © 2021 DittoLive Incorporated. All rights reserved.

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