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The official JS/TS library for Discoin. Features browser and first-class TypeScript support.



yarn add @discoin/scambio

# Or for npm

npm i @discoin/scambio

# Or for pnpm

pnpm i @discoin/scambio

If you want to do more complex queries you may want to use the @nestjsx/crud-request package, which is specifically designed for the Discoin API. Most users won't need it but it is listed as a peer dependency. You can safely ignore any warnings about it if you aren't using it.


Below are several examples of how you can use the library. You do everything through a client instance or its static members.

Creating a new client

ECMAScript modules
import Discoin from '@discoin/scambio';

const client = new Discoin('token', ['currencyCode']);
const Discoin = require('@discoin/scambio').default;

const client = new Discoin('token', ['currencyCode']);

Creating a transaction

const newTransaction = client.transactions.create({
	from: 'XYZ',
	to: 'ABC',
	amount: 100,
	// Discord user ID
	user: '210024244766179329'

Getting transactions

Get one transaction by ID
await client.transactions.getOne('808179ef-aef4-4bbb-ab37-db310235fb0c');
Get many transactions with built-in queries

This uses common queries, which are generated specifically for your client and don't need any extra dependencies.

await client.transactions.getMany(client.commonQueries.UNHANDLED_TRANSACTIONS);
Get many transactions with query builder

This uses the @nestjsx/crud-request query builder. You should use this when you are performing very complex queries or are dynamically creating queries.

import {RequestQueryBuilder, CondOperator} from '@nestjsx/crud-request';

const query = RequestQueryBuilder.create()
	// Only get transactions where the `amount` field > 10
		field: 'amount',
		operator: CondOperator.GREATER_THAN,
		value: 10

await client.transactions.getMany(query);

Processing transactions

You can mark a transaction as handled after you have paid the user. This helps to keep transactions atomic and can make retrying failed transactions very simple.

const unhandledTransactions = await client.transactions.getMany(client.commonQueries.UNHANDLED_TRANSACTIONS);

unhandledTransactions.forEach(async transaction => {
	console.log(`${transaction.user} received ${transaction.payout} ${}`);

	// After you're done with the transaction, mark it as completed
	await transaction.update({handled: true});


Pull requests and issues are always welcome! Please, read our Code of Conduct and our contributing guide if you are interested in helping to improve the library..


Copyright 2019-2020 Jonah Snider. Distributed under the MIT licence.

If you would like the licence to be something other than MIT for you or your organization please get in touch.

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