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📦 docusaurus-plugin-umami

Umami Analytics plugin for Docusaurus v2.

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⚠️ production only

This plugin is always inactive in development and only active in production to avoid polluting the analytics statistics.


Install the plugin with npm:

npm install --save @dipakparmar/docusaurus-plugin-umami

or with yarn:

yarn add @dipakparmar/docusaurus-plugin-umami

or with pnpm:

pnpm install @dipakparmar/docusaurus-plugin-umami

or with bun:

bun install @dipakparmar/docusaurus-plugin-umami


Add the plugin and websiteID and analyticsDomain to your docusaurus.config.js:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      /** @type {import('@dipakparmar/docusaurus-plugin-umami').Options} */
        websiteID: "your-website-id", // Required
        analyticsDomain: "analytics.mydomain.com", // Required
        scriptName: "", // Optional
        dataHostURL: "", // Optional
        dataAutoTrack: true, // Optional
        dataDoNotTrack: true, // Optional
        dataCache: true, // Optional
        dataDomains: "", // comma separated list of domains, *Recommended*


Accepted fields:

Name Type Default Description
websiteID string Required The unique website ID from your Umami Analytics.
analyticsDomain string Required Your domain of where Umami Analytics is hosted.
scriptName string script.js Name of your custom tracker script.
dataHostURL string By default, Umami will send data to wherever the script is located. You can override this to send data to another location.
dataAutoTrack boolean By default, Umami tracks all pageviews and events for you automatically. You can disable this behavior and track events yourself using the tracker functions.
dataDoNotTrack boolean Configure Umami to respect the visitor's Do Not Track setting.
dataCache boolean If you get a lot of pageviews from the same user, for example in a forum website, you can cache some data to improve the performance of the tracking script.
dataDomains string If you want the tracker to only run on specific domains, you can add them to your tracker script. This is a comma delimited list of domain names. Helps if you are working in a staging/development environment.


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