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A fast way to install and maintain our common ui patterns and abstractions.

At the time of this repos creation, installing ui-patterns through npm gives you buttons, forms, grid, header, and typography.

You can see how these components look at

quick usage

npm install @digitalsurgeons/ui-patterns

include node_modules in your scss path:

node-sass --include-path ./node_modules scss/app.scss public_html/dist/app.css

in your scss file:

@import '@digitalsurgeons/ui-patterns/scss/app' 

quick build

git clone
npm install
npm run build
npm start

open your browser to http://localhost:8080


site=[site url here] npm run browsersync

updating components

new components can be created by making a scss partial under the scss/components folder.

be sure to include all the dependencies for your new component in the partial and also in scss/app.scss

publishing to npm

how to publish to npm:

  • make your changes
  • bump the version number in package.json (npm version patch | minor | major)
  • push to the master branch
  • gitlab should handle the rest