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    An angular directive for sending feedback featuring Angular 6, Html2canvas, Angular Material, Rxjs, inspired by Google send feedback, based on angular-cli.

    FORKED FORM https://github.com/RickonChen/feedback because the owner don't maintain this repo.


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    make sure your project:

    How to use it in your project

    download it from npm

    npm install ngx-md-feedback --save

    use the feedback module in your project, at any module, you just need to imports into your module:

    import { NgxMdFeedbackModule } from 'ngx-md-feedback'

    easy to use the directive, just add it in a html tag, such as:

    <button feedback>feedback</button>


    Name Default Value Description
    title Send feedback
    placeholder Describe your issue or share your ideas
    editTip Click to highlight or hide info
    checkboxLabel Include screenshot
    cancelLabel CANCEL
    sendLabel SEND
    moveToolbarTip move toolbar
    drawRectTip Draw using yellow to highlight issues or black to hide sensitive info
    highlightTip highlight issues
    hideTip hide sensitive info
    editDoneLabel DONE
    allowTaint FALSE Whether to allow cross-origin images to taint the canvas
    descriptionRequired FALSE Field description is required for enabling 'send' button
    description Set the field description



    it is an output of the directive, the usage is:


    Then you can custom the onSend method in your component. The param feedback is an object contains two properties: description and screenshot.

    • description is string to describe issues or ideas
    • screenshot comes from HTMLCanvasElement.toDataURL('image/png'), can be used as src of an img tag.


    Send feedback

     "description" : "your content described",
     "screenshot" : "",

    Cancel feedback

     "error" : "dialog_canceled"

    Getting started with this repo

    Make sure you have Node version >= 8.0 and NPM >= 5

    Clone/Download the repo then edit feedback library inside /src/app/feedback

    # clone repo
    git clone https://github.com/RickonChen/feedback.git
    # change directory to our repo
    cd feedback
    # install the repo with npm
    npm install
    # start the server
    npm start
    # if you're in China use cnpm
    # https://github.com/cnpm/cnpm

    go to or http://localhost:4200 in your browser


    npm i @digikare/ngx-md-feedback

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