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    According to Common Guide for Client Applications of GSIS, ( all online services are required to have the addition of tracking data (auditRecord) when calling them.

    This module implements a JSON file storage database for use with the audit mechanism of GSIS. It follows the interoperability_specsv1.4 and simplifies the integration with Nextjs/Nodejs projects.

    It also provides a way for automating protocol numbers and transactions Id's, if your app does not provide them.


    import auditRecordDB from 'AuditRecordDB';
    const main = () =>{
       //returns generated AuditRecord, that record stored by default in `/tmp` folder using `FileEngine` SOULD change this for production
        auditUnit: 'DigiGov',
        auditTransactionId: '1',
        auditProtocol: '1/2022-01-01',
        auditTransactionDate: '2022-01-01T00:00:01Z',
        auditUserIp: '',
        auditUserId: 'system'
    //you can change the FileEngine storage path
    import auditRecordDB,{FileEngine} from 'AuditRecordDB';
    const main = () =>{
    console.log(auditRecordDB({},new FileEngine('/tmp/auditRecords')))
    //you can change the protocol reset sequence type
    import auditRecordDB,{FileEngine} from 'AuditRecordDB';
    const main = () =>{
    console.log(auditRecordDB({},new FileEngine(undefined, 'daily')))


    By default, the file storage engine FileEngine is used. Please keep in mind to change the storage path to app needs. FileEngine is a simple file storage engine, that stores the audit records in a file, also it is possible to use other storage engines.

    Your app can also use PostgreSqlEngine provided from @digigov-oss/auditrecord-postgresql-engine module.

    If you do not provide protocol numbers, the module will generate them for you. You can pass at the engine the type of protocol number reset you want to use from one of the following: "daily", "monthly", "yearly". By default, innumerable protocol numbers are generated.

    Look at FileEngine.ts here and PostgreSqlEngine.ts of the above module for examples to extend the store to another 'real' database.


    npm i @digigov-oss/gsis-audit-record-db

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