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An enterprise-class low-code technology stack with scale-out design

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  • 🌈 An extension-oriented kernel engine extracted from an enterprise-level low-code platform, pursuing the design concept of the smallest kernel and the strongest ecology
  • 📦 Out-of-the-box high-quality ecological elements, including material systems, setters, plugins, etc.
  • ⚙️ A complete tool chain, supporting the full-link R&D cycle of ecological elements such as material systems, setters, and plug-ins
  • 🔌 Powerful expansion capability, has supported nearly 100 various vertical low-code platforms
  • 🛡 Developed with TypeScript, providing complete type definition files

🎯 Compatible Environments

  • Modern browsers (Chrome >= 80, Edge >= 80, last 2 safari versions, last 2 firefox versions)

📚 Engine Protocol

The engine fully implements the "LowCodeEngine Basic Construction Protocol Specification" and "LowCodeEngine Material Protocol Specification". The protocol stack is a key part of whether materials in the low-code field can be circulated.


🌰 Usage example

npm install @digiforce-cloud/dvd-engine --save-dev

TIPS: Only cdn import is supported, npm package is used to provide code hinting capabilities such as typings

import { init, skeleton } from '@digiforce-cloud/dvd-engine';

  area: 'topArea',
  type: 'Widget',
  name: 'logo',
  content: YourFantaticLogo,
  contentProps: {
    href: '/',
  props: {
    align: 'left',
    width: 100,


Engineering configuration:

  "externals": {
    "@digiforce-cloud/dvd-engine": "var window.AliLowCodeEngine",
    "@digiforce-cloud/dvd-engine-ext": "var window.AliLowCodeEngineExt"

cdn optional method:

Method 1: alifd cdn



Method 2: unpkg



Method 3: jsdelivr



Method 4: Use your own cdn

Pass the files under packages/engine/dist and packages/(react|rax)-simulator-renderer/dist in the source code to your cdn provider

🔗 Related Links

This awesome-lowcode-engine page links to a repository which records all of the tools\materials\solutions that use or built for the lowcode-engine, PR is welcomed.

💻 Local debugging

$ git clone git@github.com:alibaba/lowcode-engine.git
$ cd lowcode-engine
$ npm install
$ npm run setup
$ npm start

📢 npm access speed is slow, Alibaba employees can use tnpm, other students recommend using cnpm or specifying a mirror registry.

📢 Windows environment must use WSL, other terminals are not guaranteed to work normally

After lowcode-engine is started, several umd files are provided, which can be debugged in combination with the lowcode-demo project. Refer to the file proxy rules here.

🤝 Participation

Please read first:

  1. How to configure the engine debugging environment?
  2. About the R&D collaboration process of the engine
  3. Engineering Configuration of Engine

Strongly recommend reading "The Wisdom of Asking Questions", ["How to Ask Questions to the Open Source Community"](https: //github.com/seajs/seajs/issues/545) and How to Report Bugs Effectively, "How to Submit Unanswerable Questions to Open Source Projects", better questions are easier to get help. (This paragraph refers to antd)

About Pull Request:

  • set the target branch to develop other than main

❤️ Contributors

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this project.




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