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    @healthtree/svelte-data-table is now the maintainded package


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    This repository was moved to Healthree Svelte Data Table

    Please go there to install the maintained version

    Svelte Datatable

    This is a reactive svelte-datatable. Feats:

    • In reactive: If you change rows, the dataTable updates accordingly
    • FrontEnd paginator
    • FrontEnd included Searchbar
    • You can pass SvelteComponent to render on a column
    • You can pass SvelteComponent to render a header
    • Sticky 1 column (can sticky just 1 col for now)


    Param type Required Default
    columns Column[] true --
    rows object[] true --
    fuseConfig object false --
    paginated boolean false true
    searchable boolean false true
    itemsPerPages number[] false [5,10,15]

    If searchable == true, by default all columns will be searchable. If you wish to exclude a column from search, specify searchable = false in the column definition.

    Custom fuse parameters may also be provided through the fuseConfig prop


    interface SvelteComponent{}
    interface Column {
        label:string, // header of column
        field: string, // property on rows to display;accessed by _.get
        component?: SvelteComponent //must export row, column rowIndex and columnIndex  to have scopes 
        headerComponent?: SvelteComponent // must export column and columnIndex  to have scopes     
        sortable?: boolean, // false by default
        searchable?: boolean, // true by default
        numeric?: boolean,
        sticky?: boolean,
        sortFnc?: 'function' // eg: (a,b, currentSort) => {}  currentSort can be asc|desc|null


    Each element affected by css is divided by 2 clases: Layout and style. You can easily overwrite this css clases to make changes in style. We recomend only changing the styles ones which are:

    Component Class
    Search dt-search-container-style
    Search dt-search-input-style
    Table dt-table-container-style
    Table dt-table-wrapper-style
    Table dt-table-header-th-style
    Table dt-table-body-td-style
    Paginator dt-paginator-style
    Paginator dt-paginator-items-per-page-style
    Paginator dt-paginator-status-style
    Paginator dt-paginator-current-page-style
    Paginator dt-paginator-arrows-style

    DataTable Events Events

    Name Description Notes
    headerClick Sent on clicking header with column and columnIndex as information
    headerCustomHandler Event used to be forwarded by the DataTable If you have a custom header with two parts, and want to do a specific action when clicking one see "Header Custom handler" section

    Header Custom handler

    To make the table emit a headerCustomHandler event, the column.headerComponent must dispatch a event called headerCustomHandler to be forwarded to the datable.

        import { createEventDispatcher } from 'svelte';
        const dispatch = createEventDispatcher();
        function onClick1(){
            dispatch('headerCustomHandler', {clickOne:true});
        function onClick2(){
            dispatch('headerCustomHandler', {clickTwo:true});
        <p on:click={onClick1}>Click1</p>
        <p on:click={onClick2}>Click2</p>



    npm i @diegofhe/svelte-data-table

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