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DiceBear Avatars - Jdenticon Sprite Collection

license npm

Jdenticon wrapper for DiceBear Avatars.


HTTP-API (recommended)

Our free HTTP-API is the easiest way to use this sprite collection. Just use the following URL as image source.

The value of :seed can be anything you like - but don't use any sensitive or personal data here! The GET parameter options can be used to pass options.


preview url[padding]=0.05&options[background]=%23f0f0f0


Install the Avatars and this sprite collection with the following command.

npm install --save @dicebear/avatars @dicebear/avatars-jdenticon-sprites

Now you are ready to create your first Avatar.

import Avatars from '@dicebear/avatars';
import sprites from '@dicebear/avatars-jdenticon-sprites';
let options = {};
let avatars = new Avatars(sprites, options);
let svg = avatars.create('custom-seed');


name type default description
radius number 0 Avatar border radius
base64 bool false Return avatar as base64 data uri instead of XML
Not supported by the HTTP API
width number null Fixed width
height number null Fixed height
margin number 0 Avatar margin in percent
HTTP-API limitation Max value 25
background string null Any valid color identifier
HTTP-API limitation Only hex (3-digit, 6-digit and 8-digit) values are allowed. Use url encoded hash: %23.
userAgent string window.navigator.userAgent User-Agent for legacy browser fallback
Automatically detected by the HTTP API
hues array of numbers between 0 and 360 null Icon hue
colorLightness array of two numbers between 0 and 1 null Colored shapes - Lightness
grayscaleLightness array of two numbers between 0 and 1 null Grayscale shapes - Lightness
colorSaturation number between 0 and 1 null Colored shapes - Saturation
grayscaleSaturation number between 0 and 1 null Grayscale shapes - Saturation

Further information

You can find the DiceBear Avatars documentation at


npm i @dicebear/avatars-jdenticon-sprites

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