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DiceBear Avatars - Jdenticon Sprite Collection

license npm

Jdenticon wrapper for DiceBear Avatars.


HTTP-API (recommended)

Our free HTTP-API is the easiest way to use this sprite collection. Just use the following URL as image source.

The value of :seed can be anything you like - but don't use any sensitive or personal data here! The GET parameter options can be used to pass options.


preview url[padding]=0.05&options[background]=%23f0f0f0


Install the Avatars and this sprite collection with the following command.

npm install --save @dicebear/avatars @dicebear/avatars-jdenticon-sprites

Now you are ready to create your first Avatar.

import Avatars from '@dicebear/avatars';
import sprites from '@dicebear/avatars-jdenticon-sprites';
let options = {};
let avatars = new Avatars(sprites, options);
let svg = avatars.create('custom-seed');


name alias type default description
radius r number 0 Avatar border radius
base64 bool false Return avatar as base64 data uri instead of XML
Not supported by the HTTP API
width w number null Fixed width
height h number null Fixed height
margin m number 0 Avatar margin in percent
HTTP-API limitation Max value 25
background b string null Any valid color identifier
HTTP-API limitation Only hex (3-digit, 6-digit and 8-digit) values are allowed. Use url encoded hash: %23.
userAgent string window.navigator.userAgent User-Agent for legacy browser fallback
Automatically detected by the HTTP API
hues array of numbers between 0 and 360 null Icon hue
colorLightness array of two numbers between 0 and 1 null Colored shapes - Lightness
grayscaleLightness array of two numbers between 0 and 1 null Grayscale shapes - Lightness
colorSaturation number between 0 and 1 null Colored shapes - Saturation
grayscaleSaturation number between 0 and 1 null Grayscale shapes - Saturation

Further information

You can find the DiceBear Avatars documentation at


npm i @dicebear/avatars-jdenticon-sprites

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