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dHealth Wallet Components

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dHealth Wallet Components is a Vue components library to permit the development of plugins for dHealth Wallet. This library exports important components such as IconButton or GenericTableDisplay that are customizable through a LESS theme.css.

Components found here

Following components are defined and exported with this library:

Class Description
AmountDisplay Mixin that displays a customizable mosaic amount.
ButtonAdd Mixin that displays an add button using a font-awesome icon.
ButtonCopy Mixin that displays a copy to clipboard button using a font-awesome icon.
ButtonRefresh Mixin that displays a refresh button using a font-awesome icon.
ButtonRemove Mixin that displays a remove button using a font-awesome icon.
ErrorTooltip Mixin that displays a moveable tooltip.
FormLabel Mixin that displays a label container.
FormRow Mixin that wraps a form row with label (if necessary).
FormTitle Mixin that displays a bordered form title (legend).
FormWrapper Mixin that wraps a complete form.
GenericTableDisplay Mixin that formalizes the display of lists and tabled data.
GenericTableRow Mixin that formalizes the display of rows in generic tables.
IconButton Mixin that displays a button with a font-awesome icon.
IconLoading Mixin that displays a spinning loading icon.
NavigationLinks Mixin that displays list of navigation links horizontally or vertically.
NetworkNodeSelector Mixin that permits to input a node URL and checks for its information.
QRCode Mixin that displays a QR Code that contains custom content (AccountQR, ContactQR, TransactionQR).


Copyright 2021-present Grégory Saive for dHealth Network, All rights reserved.

Licensed under the LGPL v3.0

This project is sponsored by UBC Digital Magazine.




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