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    This package is no longer being maintained by the Dharma Labs team. Please email if you have any questions / concerns

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    'Charta' is the latin word for 'letter or document'. We loosely appropriate this term as a codename for the smart contracts comprising the business logic of Dharma protocol.

    Dharma is a protocol for generic tokenized debt issuance and fundraising on blockchains supporting requisite smart contract functionality (i.e. EVM blockchains). For a full description of the protocol's mechanics, a thorough overview can be found in the Dharma Protocol Whitepaper. This repository contains the core contracts that compromise the business logic for issuing and administering debt crypto-assets on-chain.

    We use truffle for deployment, testing, and development, and use Typescript for testing and deployment.

    Join us on our chat for any technical or general questions.

    Deployed Contracts

    Ethereum Mainnet
    • DebtKernel: 0x8ef1351941d0cd8da09d5a4c74f2d64503031a18
    • DebtToken: 0xf7b3fc555c458c46d288ffd049ddbfb09f706df7
    • DebtRegistry: 0x4e0f2b97307ad60b741f993c052733acc1ea5811
    • TokenTransferProxy: 0x2f40766e91aaee4794d3389ac8dc3a4b8fd7ab3e
    • DharmaMultiSigWallet: 0x9445d5ddc2d8a3663ce8cc9fe74009f99b343cfc
    • RepaymentRouter: 0xc1df9b92645cc3b6733992c692a39c34a86fae5f
    • TokenRegistry: 0xd79396ab3bfaaa0d9f6d11f95bb641601d93c0a9
    • SimpleInterestTermsContract: 0xb78a7d1c1d03cf9155cc522097cbc679e15cf9a3
    • CollateralizedSimpleInterestTermsContract: 0x5de2538838b4eb7fa2dbdea09d642b88546e5f20
    • Collateralizer: 0xecc718386176d714dc9e4e35e177396b291499ee
    • PermissionsLib: 0xba0d793fb316d7a457b758e75a57e22ee14bc188
    • ContractRegistry: 0x10512440113cb6cb613be403135876d2e0a42c0b
    Kovan Testnet
    • DebtKernel: 0x755e131019e5ab3e213dc269a4020e3e82e06e20
    • DebtToken: 0x12c8615fd55bf6e1f5a298cebdc72e50f838df74
    • DebtRegistry: 0x9662d6cae0e6914a388cb96c1c161cc4d12c3d7a
    • TokenTransferProxy: 0x668beab2e4dfec1d8c0a70fb5e52987cb22c2f1a
    • DharmaMultiSigWallet: 0x5e6d80063af17bf22b6828a7a61693ec37881563
    • RepaymentRouter: 0x0688659d5e36896da7e5d44ebe3e10aa9d2c9968
    • TokenRegistry: 0x6949948d93f3dbe50ec2fe54815fa33bfa284d35
    • SimpleInterestTermsContract: 0x4cad7ad79464628c07227928c851d3bc5ef3da0c
    • CollateralizedSimpleInterestTermsContract: 0x13763cf3eb3b6813fa800d4935725a0504c8eb8f
    • Collateralizer: 0x4b86bbe375577262cb0b3b7893e3de0d11751dd6
    • PermissionsLib: 0x0e7e2aace2ed2565777b420fd181b556971a8cb1
    • ContractRegistry: 0x506acb19a451cc6e2a5c76e65f6b65840406e5f9



    Install dependencies:

    yarn install

    Start testrpc:

    yarn chain

    Run truffle tests:

    yarn test

    Contract Architecture

    A specification of the contracts comprising Dharma protocol's logic can be found in the Dharma wiki.




    npm i @dharmaprotocol/contracts

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