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    A JavaScript package to call Rosetta API, with additional helper functions to derive credentials and perform transfers.

    用于调用 Rosetta API 的 JavaScript 库,并提供高层函数接口用于生成新的私钥/账户地 址、执行转账。


    Working with ED25519 keys

    let { randomBytes } = require("crypto");
    let { key_new, key_to_pub_key, seed_from_pem } = require("@dfinity/rosetta-client");
    // Derive an ED25519 private key from a system random seed. The private key's
    // type is Buffer.
    // 从系统生成的随机种子生成一个 ED25519 私钥。私钥类型为 Buffer。
    let privateKey = key_new();
    // Derive an ED25519 private key from a user-specified 32-byte random seed.
    // 从用户指定的 32 字节随机数种子生成一个 ED25519 私钥。
    let seed = randomBytes(32);
    privateKey = key_new(seed);
    // You can also load the seed from the identity PEM file generated by dfx, and
    // use that to generate the private key for this library. This is the preferred
    // way of generating private keys, since you can also use dfx to perform
    // transfers and other operations on the command line given the identity PEM
    // file.
    // 您也可以从 dfx 生成的 PEM 文件中读取种子,并用其生成本库的私钥。我们推荐使用
    // 本方式生成私钥,因为 dfx 可以读取证书文件并在命令行下进行转账等操作。
    seed = seed_from_pem(
    privateKey = key_new(seed);
    // Use key_to_pub_key() to derive a public key from a private key. The public
    // key's type is Buffer.
    // 调用 key_to_pub_key() 函数,从私钥生成公钥。公钥类型是 Buffer。
    let publicKey = key_to_pub_key(privateKey);

    Working with account addresses

    let {
    } = require("@dfinity/rosetta-client");
    // pub_key_to_address() derives an address from a public key. The address type
    // is Buffer.
    // pub_key_to_address() 函数从公钥生成账户地址。地址类型是Buffer。
    let address = pub_key_to_address(publicKey);
    // address_from_hex() & address_to_hex() converts between the address Buffer and
    // the hex address string used in Rosetta API requests. This is not a simple
    // base16 encoding, since the hex string will also contain a CRC32 checksum.
    // address_from_hex() will throw if the checksum doesn't match.
    // address_from_hex() 和 address_to_hex() 函数用于在地址的 Buffer 和用于 Rosetta
    // API 请求中的十六进制字符串之间进行转换。转换过程并非简单的 base16 编码,因为
    // 十六进制字符串中还会包含一个 CRC32 校验码。address_from_hex() 在校验码错误时
    // 会抛出异常。
    address = address_from_hex(address_to_hex(address));

    Calling Rosetta API and performing transfers

    let { Session } = require("@dfinity/rosetta-client");
    // A Session implements the interface of RosettaClient as specified in
    // https://www.npmjs.com/package/@lunarhq/rosetta-ts-client, and you can use
    // methods of RosettaClient to invoke the Rosetta API.
    // Session 实现了 https://www.npmjs.com/package/@lunarhq/rosetta-ts-client 描述
    // 的 RosettaClient 类接口,可以调用 RosettaClient 的方法使用 Rosetta API。
    let session = new Session({ baseUrl: "http://localhost:8080" });
    // The network_identifier value used in requests.
    // 请求中的 network_identifier 一栏所用的值。
    console.log(await session.network_identifier);
    // The currency value used in requests.
    // 请求中的 currency 一栏所用的值。
    console.log(await session.currency);
    // A BigInt value representing the transaction fee. At the moment, despite the
    // name "suggested_fee", the fee is mandatory.
    // 代表交易费用的 BigInt 值。尽管 Rosetta API 中将其称为“建议费用”,该费用目前是
    // 强制的。
    console.log(await session.suggested_fee);
    // Given the source account private key as a Buffer, the destination account as
    // a Buffer, the transfer amount as a BigInt, perform a transfer and return the
    // result of the /construction/submit call.
    // The destination account will receive the specified amount. An additional fee
    // will be charged from the source account.
    // 给定划出账户私钥的 Buffer 对象、划入账户地址的 Buffer 对象和划转金额的 BigInt
    // 值,发起一次转账,并返回 /construction/submit 调用的结果。
    // 划入账户将收到指定金额,划出账户则将额外扣除交易费用。
    let submit_result = await session.transfer(src_private_key, dest_addr, 123n);

    Querying a transaction given a transaction hash

    // Call the /search/transactions endpoint and search for an on-chain transaction
    // given its hash. Other query conditions of /search/transactions are not
    // implemented yet.
    // 调用 /search/transactions 接口,通过事务 hash 值检索其是否上链。
    // /search/transactions 接口的其他检索条件目前暂未实现。
    let transactions_result = await session.transactions({
      network_identifier: await session.network_identifier,
      transaction_identifier: submit_result.transaction_identifier,

    Performing transfers while keeping the private keys in an isolated environment

    let { transfer_combine } = require("@dfinity/rosetta-client");
    // Due to security concerns, you may wish to avoid calling transfer() which
    // consumes the private key and performs network calls. We support using the
    // private key only in a fully isolated environment while performing a transfer,
    // here's an example.
    // 出于安全考虑,您也许希望避免调用 transfer() 方法,因为它需要传入私钥参数,并
    // 且会执行网络调用。我们支持在转账时,仅在完全隔离的环境中使用私钥,用例如下。
    let payloads_result = await session.transfer_pre_combine(
    // This step can be executed in a fully isolated environment. The result is the
    // same of calling /construction/combine with session.combine().
    // 该步骤可在完全隔离的环境中执行。与通过 session.combine() 调用 /construction/combine 的结果相同。
    let combine_result = transfer_combine(src_private_key, payloads_result);
    submit_result = await session.transfer_post_combine(combine_result);

    Submitting a transaction in a configurable time period

    // The transfer()/transfer_pre_combine() functions take two extra optional
    // parameters. One is max_fee, another is an object for additional metadata in
    // the /construction/payloads request.
    // It's possible to specify ingress_start/ingress_end in the metadata, so that
    // you can generate and sign a transaction earlier, but postpone the submission
    // later. The submission period must be within the next 24 hours.
    // ingress_start/ingress_end are BigInt values specifying nanoseconds since unix
    // epoch, and you can specify only single one of it.
    // transfer()/transfer_pre_combine() 函数还有两个可选参数,一个是 max_fee,另一
    // 个是作为 /construction/payloads 请求的额外 metadata 的对象。
    // 可以在 metadata 中指定 ingress_start/ingress_end,从而提前生成并签名一条事
    // 务,但将事务的提交推迟到之后的时间。提交时间必须不晚于事务生成后的 24 小时。
    // ingress_start/ingress_end 是纳秒单位 Unix 时间戳的 BigInt 值,可以全部指定也
    // 可以只指定一个。
    payloads_result = await session.transfer_pre_combine(
      { ingress_start, ingress_end }

    Decoding a signed transaction

    const { signed_transaction_decode } = require("@dfinity/rosetta-client");
    // You may wish to decode a signed transaction and verify the content before
    // actually submitting it. Here's how.
    // 您也许想要在提交已签名的事务前,先将其反序列化并校验其内容。示例如下。
    // The signed_transaction field is a hex-encoded string. Pass it directly to
    // signed_transaction_decode().
    // signed_transaction 是十六进制编码的字符串。直接将其传给
    // signed_transaction_decode() 即可。
    const tx = signed_transaction_decode(combine_result.signed_transaction);
    // The source account as a Buffer.
    // 转出账户的 Buffer 值。
    // The destination account as a Buffer.
    // 转入账户的 Buffer 值。
    // The transfer amount as a BigInt.
    // 转账金额的 BigInt 值。
    // The additional transaction fee as a BigInt.
    // 额外的交易费用的 BigInt 值。
    // The source account's public key as a Buffer.
    // 转出账户公钥的 Buffer 值。

    Creating & using a JS bundle

    You can bundle this package and its dependencies into a single JS file, and use it as a regular CommonJS module.

    您可以将本库及其依赖库打包成单个 JS 文件,像普通的 CommonJS 模块一样使用它。

    $ npm install
    $ npm run-script build
    $ node --eval "console.log(require('./dist/main.js'))"

    The bundled JS file is also available as the dist artifact on CI.

    打包好的 JS 文件也可从 CI 上生成的 dist 文件直接下载。

    Supported Node.js versions

    This package is tested against latest versions of Node.js v10/v12/v13/v14/v15/v16.

    Common traps and pitfalls

    Working with BigInt

    Because of JavaScript number type's limit in integer precision, we use BigInts everywhere (amounts, fee, timestamps, etc) to represent integers. There are things to watch out when using BigInts with this package:

    由于 JavaScript 数字类型表示整数时的精度限制,我们在本库中凡 是涉及整数的部分均使用 BigInt 类型(如转账金额、交易费用、时间戳等)。使用 BigInt 时需要留意的要点:

    // Don't do this! Precision loss!
    // 不要这样,会有精度损失!
    let timestamp = BigInt(Date.now() * 1000000);
    // Do this instead!
    // 这样才对!
    let timestamp = BigInt(Date.now()) * 1000000n;

    Also, JavaScript's builtin JSON encoder/decoder won't work with the input/output data of this package. We use json-bigint for JSON encoding/decoding in this package, and if you need to work with JSON too, you also need json-bigint.

    另外,JavaScript 内置的 JSON 序列化函数不能用于本库输入/输出的数据。我们使用 json-bigint 库用于 JSON 序列化,如果您也需要处理 JSON 数据,您 也应当使用 json-bigint.

    const JSONbig = require("json-bigint")({ strict: true, useNativeBigInt: true });
    JSONbig.parse(); // Use this instead of JSON.parse()
    JSONbig.stringify(); // Use this instead of JSON.stringify()


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