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React Native Components


Library that contains all sharable utilities and configuration files, written in Javascript.

NPM version code style: prettier

2600Hz - Commio

JS Utilities Library


yarn add @2600hz/commland-dielectric-js-sdk


import sdk from '@2600hz/commland-dielectric-js-sdk';

// ...

function openInAppBrowser() {
  sdk.plugins.browser.openInAppBrowser({ url: 'https://www.2600hz.com/' });

Plugins available

You can extend any of the following configs:


This project requires Node.js v14+ to run.

Using .nvmrc file helps to normalize node version used by all maintainers. If you are required to use version specified in this file, run these commands.

nvm use
nvm install

Use the package manager yarn v1+ to install dependencies and devDependencies.

yarn install
# Or just
Create symlink

Run the following command on package root folder, so you can consume on an app locally

yarn link
Watch project

Build package whenever there is a change

yarn watch
Consume the package

Both projects must be placed on same folder, otherwise won't work

yarn link @2600hz/commland-dielectric-js-sdk
Build the package

Automatically will build the project

yarn build

This will generate the lib folder, this folder will be uploaded to npm once released.


Format code using Eslint

yarn run lint:fix

Format code using Prettier

yarn run format

Format code using Prettier and Eslint

yarn run prettify

Check Typescript on files

yarn run typescript

Run full check

yarn run full-check


Components library uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

  • Typescript - Strongly typed programming language which builds on JavaScript
  • NodeJs - Allows execute javascript scripts on the terminal
  • Capacitor - Open source native runtime to build web native apps.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.


Commits must follow conventional commit format Make sure your messages look like the following examples

feat: Adding new badge component
fix: Touchable component not being exported correctly
fix!: Drop support for Typescript

Note that the last one will generate a Major commit. It has the same result as adding a breaking change footer

Follow Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 to update project version.

Release-It will take care of versioning, you just have to give the correct type to commit:

  • fix - to indicate a bug fix (PATCH) ex . v0.0.1
  • feat - to indicate a new feature (MINOR) ex. v0.1.0
  • chore - for updates that do not require a version bump (.gitignore, comments, etc.)
  • docs - for updates to the documentation
  • BREAKING CHANGE - regardless of type, indicates a Major release (MAJOR) ex. v1.0.0

Visit Conventional Commits for more examples.

Make a release

Run following command after your last commit/amend. Then answer with Y/N the prompt

yarn release





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