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The COIN RESTful APIs serve as modern replacements for the outdated MQ and SOAP interfaces. This new approach consists of highly secure yet quick and easy to implement web-standards, thereby avoiding the need to use additional middleware for API users.

In order to ease the introduce to these APIs for new users, Vereniging COIN offers SDKs for several programming languages.

For a quick start, follow the steps below:

Configure Credentials

Generate Keys

In order to be able to use a COIN API, the user is required to have a private/public key pair. Execute the following commands:

ssh-keygen -m PEM -t rsa -b 4096 -f private-key.pem -N '' 
ssh-keygen -e -m PKCS8 -f private-key.pem > public-key.pem

For Windows users, please note that running the commands in git-bash is required:

ssh-keygen.exe -m PEM -t rsa -b 4096 -f private-key.pem -N ''
ssh-keygen.exe -e -m PKCS8 -f private-key.pem > public-key.pem

These scripts generate the private and public keys: public-key.pem and private-key.pem.

Store keys in COIN's IAM (Identity and Access Manager)

  • Go to: https://test-portal.coin.nl/iam#/

    • Access to this site requires a user account that can be requested at Coin Servicedesk.
  • Select consumer name alt text

  • Configure IP Addresses and add public key alt text

  • Press save alt text

  • Retrieve client credentials

    • Copy the contents of the Encrypted hmac secret field and place it into a file named: sharedkey.encrypted. alt text

Once the public key has been registered, the following private and public keys are needed to gain secured access to the COIN APIs:

  • consumer name (see above)
  • private-key.pem (see above)
  • sharedkey.encrypted encrypted HMAC secret (see above)

Choose an API

NodeJS SDKs for the APIs

  • The NodeJS SDK documentation for the Number Portability API can be found here.

Additional Resources



If you need support, feel free to send an email to the Coin devops team.


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