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Utility Library

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This library tries to have efficient functions for almost any need when you are writing software in JavaScript, TypeScript and/or Node.js. The library is written in TypeScript, so you have full type support when you use it.

If you need a function or feature that is not present in this library, please send me a message or open a Pull Request requesting the feature and I will do my best to include it.


$ npm i -S @devnetic/utils


// commonjs
const { dateFormat } = require('@devnetic/utils)

const date = new Date('2020-04-24T18:12:02.432')

dateFormat(date, 'HH:mm:ss') // 18:12:02
dateFormat(date, 'hh:mm:ss a') // 06:12:02 pm
// ES Module
import { dateFormat } from '@devnetic/utils'

const date = new Date('2020-04-24T18:12:02.432')

dateFormat(date, 'HH:mm:ss') // 18:12:02
dateFormat(date, 'hh:mm:ss a') // 06:12:02 pm


  1. Array
  2. Date
  3. Function
  4. Math
  5. Misc
  6. Number
  7. Object
  8. Random
  9. String
  10. Validator

Array Functions

  • accumulate: Create an array of cumulative sum.
  • alphabet: Generate an array of alphabet characters.
  • average: Get the average of an array.
  • cartesianProduct: Create cartesian product.
  • castArray: Casts value as an array if it's not one.
  • chunk: Split an array into chunks.
  • closest: Find the closest number from an array
  • countBy: Count by the properties of an array of objects.
  • countOccurrences: Count the occurrences of array elements.
  • countOccurrencesBy: Count the occurrences of a given value in an array.
  • division: Calculate the division of arguments.
  • flatten: Flatten an array.
  • getConsecutiveArrays: Get all arrays of consecutive elements.
  • getIndicesOf: Get indices of a value in an array.
  • getIntersection: Get the intersection of arrays.
  • getMaxIndex: Find the index of the maximum item of an array
  • getMinIndex: Find the index of the minimum item of an array
  • getNthElements: Get all n-th items of an array.
  • getSubsets: Get all subsets of an array.
  • groupBy: Group an array of objects by a key.
  • lastIndex: Find the index of the last matching item of an array.
  • longestStringIndex: Find the index of the longest string in an array.
  • maxBy: Find the maximum item of an array by given key.
  • minBy: Find the minimum item of an array by given key.
  • partition: Partition an array based on a condition.
  • range: Create an array of numbers in the given range.
  • ranking: Get the rank of an array of numbers
  • repeat: Repeat an array.
  • shuffle: Shuffle an array.
  • sortBy: Sort an array of items by given key.
  • swapItems: Swap two array items.
  • transpose: Swap the rows and columns of a matrix.
  • union: Get union of arrays.
  • unique: Get the unique values of an array.
  • unzip: Unzip an array of arrays
  • zip: Zip multiple arrays.

Date Functions

  • dateExtract: Extract year, month, day, hour, minute, second and millisecond from a date.
  • dateFormat: Returns a date formatted according to given format.
  • daysInMonth: Get the number of days in given month.
  • daysInYear: Get the total number of days in a year
  • daysDiff: Calculate the number of difference days between two dates.
  • firstDateOfMonth: Get the first date in the month of a date
  • formatSeconds: Convert seconds to hh:mm:ss format
  • getQuarter: Get the current quarter of a date.
  • getTimezone: Get the timezone string.
  • getWeekday: Get the weekday of a date.
  • lastDateOfMonth: Get the last date in the month of a date.
  • monthDiff: Calculate the number of difference days between two dates.
  • msToTime: Transform a duration in milliseconds to human readable 'HH:mm:ss.m' format
  • suffixDate: Add AM PM suffix to an hour.
  • tomorrow: Get the tomorrow date.
  • yesterday: Get the yesterday date.

Function Utilities

  • boxHandler: Defines a box handler function using a functional programming technique called the "iterator pattern."
  • compose: Compose functions from right to left.
  • curry: Is a function that takes one argument at a time and returns a new function expecting the next argument.
  • memoize: Returns the memoized (cached) function.
  • noop: Create an empty function.
  • once: Ensures a function is called only once.
  • partial: Creates a function that invokes fn with partials prepended to the arguments it receives.
  • pipe: Compose functions from left to right.
  • unary: Create a function that accepts a single argument.
  • uncurry: Converts a curried function to a function with a optional depth parameter.
  • xor: Logical xor operator.

Math Functions

  • containsRect: Check if a rectangle contains other one.
  • degreesAngle: ## degreesToRadians(degrees: number): number
  • degreesToRadians: Convert degrees to radians.
  • distance: Calculate the distance between two points.
  • isPointInside: Check if a point is inside a rectangle.
  • lerp: Calculate the linear interpolation between two numbers.
  • midpoint: Calculate the midpoint between two points.
  • normalizeRatio: Normalize the ratio of a number in a range.
  • overlaps: Check if a rectangle overlaps other one.
  • radiansAngle: Calculate the angle in radians of a line defined by two points.
  • radiansToDegrees: Convert radians to degrees.
  • roundToNearest: Round a number to the nearest multiple of a given value.

Misc Functions

  • celsiusToFahrenheit: Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  • coalesce: Get the first defined and non null argument.
  • counter: Generate an unique and increment id.
  • crc32: Returns the crc32 checksum of string as an integer.
  • decimalToHex: Returns a string containing a hexadecimal representation of the given unsigned value
  • diceRoll: Emulate a dice throw.
  • fahrenheitToCelsius: Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
  • getQueryStringValue: Get the value of a param from a URL.
  • getType: This function returns the value type, but this function is not just a typeof wrapper.
  • hexToRgb: Convert hex to rgb.
  • matchAll: Perform a global regular expression match. Searches subject for all matches to
  • rgbToHex: Convert rgb color to hex.
  • async: Run Promises in sequence.
  • toFullHexColor: Convert 3 digits color to 6 digits color.
  • uuid: This function returns all matches for the given RegEx.

Number Functions

  • addOrdinalSuffix: Add an ordinal suffix to a number.
  • clamp: Clamp a number between two values.
  • decimalToBinary: Convert decimal to binary.
  • digits: Get the arrays of digits from a number
  • factorial: Calculate the factorial of a number.
  • fibonacci: Calculate Fibonacci numbers.
  • gcd: Compute the greatest common divisor between two numbers.
  • multiply: Multiply arguments.
  • prefixWithZeros: Prefix an integer with zeros.
  • remainder: Calculate the remainder of division of arguments.
  • round: Round a number to a given number of digits.
  • subtract: Subtract arguments.
  • sum: Calculate the sum of arguments.
  • truncate: Truncate a number to a given number of decimal places without rounding.

Object Functions

  • clone: Recursively clones an object. An empty object is returned for uncloneable values such as error WeakMaps.
  • createObject: Create an empty map that does not have properties.
  • fromEntries: This function transforms a list of key-value pairs into an object.
  • getValue: Get the value at given path of an object.
  • invert: Invert keys and values of an object.
  • merge: Recursively merges own and inherited enumerable string keyed properties of source objects into the destination object.
  • omit: Omit a subset of properties from an object
  • pick: Pick a subset of properties of an object.
  • pluck: Extract values of a property from an array of objects.
  • remove: Remove keys from an object where the predicate return truthy.
  • removeNullish: Remove all null and undefined properties from an object.
  • renameKeys: Immutably rename object keys.
  • setValue: Sets the value to the path of the object.
  • sortKeys: Sort an object by its properties.

Random Functions

  • generateString: Generate a random string from given characters.
  • randomArrayInRange: Generate an array of random integers in a given range.
  • randomBoolean: Generate a random boolean.
  • randomFloat: Generate a random floating point number in given range.
  • randomHexColor: Generate a random hex color.
  • randomInteger: Generate a random integer in given range.
  • randomIpAddress: Generate a random IP address.
  • randomItem: Get a random item from an array.
  • randomItems: Get random items of an array.
  • randomProperty: Pick a random property of an object.
  • randomString: Generate a random string using Node crypto module.

String Functions

  • areAnagram: Check if two strings are anagram.
  • base64ToUint8Array: Convert a base64 encoded string to an uint8 array.
  • baseUrl: Get the base URL without any parameters.
  • byteLength: Get the length of a string in bytes.
  • camelCase: Convert a string to camel case.
  • capitalize: Capitalize a string.
  • countWordOccurrences: Count the occurrences of a character in a string.
  • countWords: Count the number of words in a string.
  • decapitalize: Decapitalize a string.
  • escapeHtml: Escape HTML special characters.
  • fileExtension: Get the file extension from a file name.
  • fileName: Get the file name from a path.
  • hash: Generate a hash of a string. For XOF hash functions such as shake256.
  • isPalindrome: Check if a string is a palindrome.
  • isRepeatedSequence: Check if a string consists of a repeated character sequence.
  • kebabCase: Converts string to kebab case.
  • lcfirst: Convert the first character of a string to lowercase.
  • mask: Replace the first given number of characters of a string with another character.
  • normalizePath: Normalize file path slashes.
  • pascalCase: Convert a string to pascal case (upper camelcase).
  • plural: Pluralize any word.
  • prependLineNumbers: Prepend a line number to each line of a text document.
  • removeDuplicateLines: Remove duplicate lines of a text document.
  • removeEmptyLines: Remove empty lines of a text document.
  • removeSpaces: Remove spaces from a string.
  • repeatString: Repeat a string.
  • reverseLines: Reverse the order of lines of a text.
  • reverseString: Reverse a string.
  • romanToArabic: Convert from Roman number to Arabic number.
  • singular: Return the singular value of a word.
  • snakeCase: Converts string to snake case.
  • sortCharacters: Sort the characters of a string in the alphabetical order.
  • sortLines: Sort lines of a text document in the alphabetical order.
  • stripAnsiCodes: Strip ANSI codes from a string.
  • swapCase: Swap case of characters in a string.
  • template: Format a string using a template.
  • titleCase: Transform a string into title case following English rules.
  • trim: Trim some character.
  • truncateWords: Truncate a string at full words.
  • ucwords: Uppercase the first character of each word in a string.
  • uint8ArrayToBase64: Convert an uint8 array to a base64 encoded string.
  • unescapeHtml: Unescape HTML special characters.

Validator Functions

  • areEqual: Check if all items in an array are equal.
  • contains: Check if an array contains a value matching some criterias.
  • containsLowerCase: Check if a string contains lower case characters.
  • containsUpperCase: Check if a string contains upper case characters.
  • containsWhitespace: Check if a string contains whitespace.
  • hasDuplicateValues: Check if a flat array has duplicate values.
  • isAlpha: Check if a string contains only letters.
  • isAlphanumeric: Check if a string contains only letters and numbers.
  • isAscii: Check if a string contains only ASCII characters.
  • isAsyncFunction: Check if a value is an async function.
  • isBase32: Check if a value is base32 encoded.
  • isBase58: Check if a value is base58 encoded.
  • isBase64: Check if a value is base64 encoded.
  • isBetween: Check if a date is between two dates.
  • isBic: Check if a value is a business identifier code.
  • isBoolean: Checks if value is classified as a boolean primitive or object.
  • isCurrentYear: Check if a date occurs in the current year.
  • isEmptyObject: Check if an object is empty.
  • isEqual: This function evaluate equality between two values.
  • isEven: Check if a number is even.
  • isFalsy: Validate if a value is Falsy.
  • isFloat: This function check is a value is a valid float value.
  • isFunction: Check if a value is a function.
  • isGeneratorFunction: Check if a value is a generator function.
  • isHexadecimal: Check if a string is a hexadecimal number.
  • isHexColor: Check if a string is a hexadecimal color.
  • isInRange: Check if a number is in a given range.
  • isInteger: This function check is a value is a valid float value.
  • isJSON: This function check is a value is a valid JSON value.
  • isLeapYear: Check if a year is leap year.
  • isLowerCase: Check if a string is lower case.
  • isMongoId: Check if a string is a MongoDB ObjectId.
  • isNegative: Check if a number is negative.
  • isNil: Check if a value is nil.
  • isNotEmpty: Check if an array is not empty.
  • isNumber: This function checks if value is classified as a Number primitive or object.
  • isNumeric: This function check is a string value is a valid numeric value.
  • isObject: Check if a value is an object.
  • isOctal: Check if a string is an octal number.
  • isOdd: Check if a number is odd.
  • isPlainObject: Check if a value is a plain object.
  • isPositive: Check if a number is positive.
  • isPrime: Check if a given integer is a prime number.
  • isPromise: Check if an object is a Promise.
  • isRegExp: Check if a value is a regular expression.
  • isString: Check if a value is a string.
  • isSubsetOf: Check if an array is subset of other array.
  • isToday: Check if a date is today.
  • isTruthy: Validate if a value is truethy.
  • isUpperCase: Check if a string is upper case.
  • isValidDate: Validate a Gregorian date.
  • isWeekday: Check if a date is a weekday.
  • isWeekend: Check if a date is a weekend.


This project is developed by Álvaro José Agámez Licha. I love building products and sharing knowledge.

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