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    Example of a confirm dialog

    See examples


    Lightweight and accessible drop-in replacement for the built-in browser dialog methods alert, confirm and prompt.


    using npm

    npm install @devlop-ab/dialog


    All methods are compatible with the standard dialog methods and accept the same arguments, plus an additional options argument to change basic dialog appearance and behaviour.

    All methods returns a promise, so by using await we can mimic the built in behaviour of halting execution of the current function while waiting for the dialog response.

    import { dialog } from '@devlop-ab/dialog';
    // alert (no return value)
    await dialog.alert('Hello world!');
    // confirm (returns true or false)
    const result = await dialog.confirm('Do you really want to leave?');
    // prompt (returns string or null if cancelled)
    const result = await dialog.prompt('Are you feeling lucky?', 'sure');

    Dialog options

    All dialog methods accept an (optional) options argument where you can do basic configuration changes.

    See https://devlop.github.io/dialog for more examples.

    // all options are optional
        'title': 'Title of the dialog',
        'okText': 'Yes',
        'cancelText': 'No',
        'focus': 'cancel',
    // examples
    await dialog.alert('I\'m afraid i can\'t do that Dave.', {
        'title': 'HAL',
    const result = await dialog.confirm('Do you really want to leave?', {
        'okText': 'Yes', 
        'cancelText': 'No',


    The javascript does not output any styles, you must include them in your css/sass build.

    Using SASS

    // importing the theme "sky".
    @import '@devlop-ab/dialog/dist/css/sky.css';

    See https://devlop.github.io/dialog for all available themes.

    Using vanilla CSS

    Copy the css file for the theme you want to use from node_modules/@devlop-ab/dialog/dist/css directory and put it with your other assets.

    Customizing the CSS

    Each theme exposes a plethora of css variables allowing you to change colors, fonts and padding without overriding any css selectors.

    // importing using sass
    @import '@devlop-ab/dialog/dist/css/sky.css';
    [data-dialog] {
        --theme-color-hue: 310;

    See https://devlop.github.io/dialog for all variables.


    npm i @devlop-ab/dialog

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