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Like 'echo' with colors.


npm i @develephant/clog --save


const clog = require('@develephant/clog')


//log in "green"'green output string')
clog.ok('green output string')
clog.o('green output string')//"ok" alias 
clog.g('green output string')


clog is a console output tool that supports the colors module. Any of the colors can be called directly from the clog object:

clog.yellow('this is yellow')
clog.rainbow('ooo pretty')

Things to know

clog only supports string inputs:

clog.err('error', 'oh noes')


Aliases are noted by comment.

b:        'blue'
c:        'cyan'
d:        'green'//"debug" 
e:        'red'//"err" 
g:        'green'
h:        'inverse'//"help" 
i:        'blue'//"info" 
m:        'magenta'
o:        'green'//"ok" 
p:        'white'//"prompt" 
r:        'red'
s:        'strikethrough'
w:        'yellow'//"warn" 
bk:       'black'
wh:       'white'
u:        'underline'
v:        'magenta'//"verbose" 
y:        'yellow'
bgb:      'bgBlue'
bgc:      'bgCyan'
bgg:      'bgGreen'
bgk:      'bgBlack'
bgm:      'bgMagenta'
bgr:      'bgRed'
bgw:      'bgWhite'
bgy:      'bgYellow'
bld:      'bold'
em:       'italic'
inv:      'inverse'
st:       'strikethrough'
ul:       'underline'
data:     'grey'
debug:    'green'
err:      'red'
help:     'inverse'
info:     'blue'
input:    'white'
ok:       'green'
prompt:   'white'
warn:     'yellow'
verbose:  'magenta'

All of the colors and styles from the colors module are also available directly from the clog object.

Various Usage Examples

clog.ok('green', 'This is an "ok" string')'blue', 'This is an "info" string')
clog.warn('yellow' ,'This is a "warn"-ing string')
clog.err('red' ,'This is an "err" string')
clog.bgGreen('"bgGreen" string directly from the colors module')
clog.bgb('Blue backgound string using the "bgb" shortcut')'Using the "data" theme setting')'Using the "help" theme setting')
clog.c('Cyan string using the "c" shortcut')
clog.e('Red error string using the "e" shortcut')
clog.bld('Bold string using the "bld" shortcut')
clog.ul('Underlined text using the "ul" shortcut')
clog.rainbow('Rainbow string directly from the colors module')

All output is logged to the console, in color!


clog ⋆ © 2017 develephant ⋆ Apache-2.0 license