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    This is an express app which filters incoming Nano RPC requests and queries a configured Nano node. It is intended that this app runs on the same machine as a fully synced Nano node.

    For instructions on how to setup a Nano node, visit https://docs.nano.org/running-a-node/node-setup/


    To install the package:

    yarn add @dev-ptera/nano-rpc-proxy


    npm i @dev-ptera/nano-rpc-proxy

    Add the following to your typescript application:

    import * as express from 'express';
    import { NanoProxyServer } from '@dev-ptera/nano-rpc-proxy';
    const server = new NanoProxyServer(express(), {
        /* Server message emitted when app starts listening on `port`. */
        APP_LISTENING_MSG: (port: number) => 
            `Running @dev-ptera/nano-rpc-proxy server on port ${port}.`,
        /* Server is expected to serve external requests. */
        IS_PRODUCTION: false,
        /* Nano/Banano Node RPC URL */
        NANO_RPC_URL: 'http://[::1]:7072',
        /* Server port when ran locally for development purposes. */
        APP_DEV_PORT: 1119,
        /* Server port when listening to outside requests. */
        APP_PROD_PORT: 1120,
        /* URL path where the app is served.  
           Example: http://[YOUR-IP]:[APP_DEV_PORT | APP_PROD_PORT]/[APP_PATH] 
        APP_PATH: '',
           List of enabled websites that can bypass server CORS restriction.
           CORS is not enforced when server is ran in development-mode.
        URL_WHITE_LIST: ['http://localhost'],
           List of actions we can use with Nano RPC Protocol,
           Full list of actions & descriptions here: https://docs.nano.org/commands/rpc-protocol
        ALLOWED_ACTIONS: ['account_balance']
         * Optional function ran to security-check incoming requests.
         * Runs after the CORS filter.
        REQUEST_FILTER: (req: Request, res: Response, next: NextFunction) => void;


    This server can be configured to support:

    • Whitelisted external domains.
    • Enabled/disabled RPC actions
    • Nano or Banano Nodes
    • Custom Server Ports & Server Path
    • etc.

    All supported config options can be found in src/config.ts

    Error Handling

    This sever returns an error code 501 when a disabled action was requested by a client.
    This server returns an error code 500 if a request is blocked by CORS or any other generic error happens within the proxy.

    If the Nano RPC request returns an error response due to invalid or missing account info, JSON parsing issues, etc this proxy will return a status code 200 since the error was generated from the Nano Node.


    npm i @dev-ptera/nano-rpc-proxy

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