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Core javascript SDK for building Deskpro Apps



To install, run:

npm install


The recommended way to build this project is to use Deskpro Apps Tool, known on the command line as dpat

Dpat is main tool to build and package apps at Deskpro and comes bundled with all the dependencies like Babel and Webpack and many more and it is constantly updated.

Chances are, if you need to build this sdk project, that you would also need to build other sdk projects so it is best to install it globally:

npm install -g @deskpro/apps-dpat 

If you want to have installed locally, run:

npm install -g @deskpro/apps-dpat 

If you have a previous version of dpat installed, it is important that you update to the latest version

To compile the sdk run:

npm run make-clean && npm run make-lib      

To package the sdk run:

npm run make-clean && npm run make-lib && npm run make-dist


In the master branch, after the changes are merged, bump the version using npm version --no-git-tag-version <VERSION>, add the release message for <VERSION> at the top in CHANGELOG.md and commit. Then add a version tag using git tag v<VERSION> -m 'Tag <VERSION>' and push both changes and the new tag. Travis-CI will take care of publishing the package on npmjs.

Running tests

You must have Deskpro Apps Tool installed to run the tests. After you install it, run

npm run test 

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