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A react library that view photos list easily, and a simple, responsive viewer component for displaying an array of images.


Quick start

# recommended
yarn add @deplorable/react-images-viewer


npm install @deplorable/react-images-viewer --save
import React from "react";
import ImgsViewer from "@deplorable/react-images-viewer";

export default class Demo extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
          { src: "http://example.com/img1.jpg" },
          { src: "http://example.com/img2.png" },

Demo & Example

Live Demo: deplorable.github.io/react-images-viewer

yarn install
yarn start

Then open localhost:8000 in a browser.

Using srcSet

Example using srcSet:

const IMG_SET = [
    src: "http://example.com/img1.svg",
    caption: "A forest",
    // As an array
    srcSet: [
      "http://example.com/img1_1024.jpg 1024w",
      "http://example.com/img1_800.jpg 800w",
      "http://example.com/img1_500.jpg 500w",
      "http://example.com/img1_320.jpg 320w",
    src: "http://example.com/img2.svg",
    // As a string
      "http://example.com/img2_1024.jpg 1024w, http://example.com/img2_800.jpg 800w, http://example.com/img2_500.jpg 500w, http://example.com/img2_320.jpg 320w",


Property Type Default Description
backdropCloseable boolean false Allow users to exit the viewer by clicking the backdrop
closeBtnTitle str undefined Customize close esc title
enableKeyboardInput boolean true Supports keyboard input - space, esc, arrow left, arrow up, and arrow right, arrow down
currImg number 0 Required if you want to navigate the imgsViewer, The index of the image to display initially
customControls arr undefined An array of elements to display as custom controls on the top of viewer
imgs arr undefined Required. Array of image objects, See img opts table below
imgCountSeparator str ' / ' Customize separator in the image count
isOpen boolean false Required if you want to navigate the imgsViewer, Whether or not the viewer is displayed
leftArrowTitle str undefined Customize of left arrow title
onClickPrev function undefined Required if you want to navigate the imgsViewer, and fired on request of the previous image
onClickNext function undefined Required if you want to navigate the imgsViewer, and fired on request of the next image
onClose function undefined Required if you want to close the imgsViewer, and handle closing of the viewer
onClickImg function undefined Handle click on current image
onClickThumbnail function undefined Handle click on thumbnail
preloadNextImg boolean true Whether to preload the next available image
rightArrowTitle str undefined Customize right arrow title
showCloseBtn boolean true Optionally display a close 'X' button in top right corner
showImgCount boolean true Optionally display image index, e.g., "2 of 20"
width number 1024 Maximum width of the carousel; defaults to 1024px
spinnerDisabled boolean false Disable Spinner
spinner function DefaultSpinner Spinner component class
spinnerColor str '#fff' Color of spinner
spinnerSize number 50 Size of spinner
preventAutoScroll boolean true Determines whether auto-scrolling is prevented

Images Object

| Property | Type | Default | Description | | :------- | :-------- | :---------- | :---------- | -------- | | src | str | undefined | Required | | srcSet | string[] | string | undefined | Optional | | caption | str | undefined | Optional | | alt | str | undefined | Optional |

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