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InputText is a React component that renders a semi-controlled input, meaning that while it is uncontrolled in the React sense, it’s value is overwritten whenever props.initialValue changes. It also support multiline inputs (rendered as a <textarea>) that automatically resize vertically to fit their content.

See the storybook docs and demo to get a feel for what it can do.


npm install @demo-uikit-zs/input-text
# or
yarn add @demo-uikit-zs/input-text


This is the type signature for the props you can pass to InputText. The unique features provided by the component are called out and explained above the corresponding prop via JSDoc comments:

type Props = {
    autoCapitalize?: 'none' | 'off' | 'sentences' | 'words' | 'characters';
    autoComplete?: HTMLInputElement['autocomplete'];
    className?: string;
    disabled?: boolean;
     * If true, input renders as readonly initially and only becomes interactive
     * when double-clicked or when user focuses the readonly input and then
     * presses the enter key. Likewise, the input becomes readonly again when
     * it is blurred or when the user presses enter or escape.
    doubleClickToEdit?: boolean;
    enterKeyHint?: InputHTMLAttributes<HTMLInputElement>['enterKeyHint'];
    form?: string;
     * The initial value of the text input. If props.initialValue changes at
     * any point, the new value will override the local state of the input.
    initialValue?: string;
    list?: string;
    max?: number;
    maxHeight?: number | string;
    maxLength?: number;
    min?: number;
    minLength?: number;
     * If true, input renders as a <textarea> that automatically grows and
     * shrinks vertically to adjust to the length of its contents.
    multiLine?: boolean;
    multiple?: boolean;
    name?: string;
    onBlur?: (event: React.FocusEvent<InputElement>) => unknown;
    onChange?: (event: React.ChangeEvent<InputElement>) => unknown;
    onFocus?: (event: React.FocusEvent<InputElement>) => unknown;
    onKeyDown?: (event: React.KeyboardEvent<InputElement>) => unknown;
    onKeyUp?: (event: React.KeyboardEvent<InputElement>) => unknown;
    pattern?: string;
    placeholder?: string;
    readOnly?: boolean;
    required?: boolean;
    /** If true, the contents of the input are selected when it’s focused. */
    selectTextOnFocus?: boolean;
    size?: number;
    step?: number;
    style?: React.CSSProperties;
     * If true, pressing enter/return submits the <form> that the input is a
     * part of, or else blurs the input if no form is found.
    submitOnEnter?: boolean;
    tabIndex?: number;
    title?: string;
        | 'text'
        | 'email'
        | 'number'
        | 'password'
        | 'search'
        | 'tel'
        | 'url';

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