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    A required field rule module for the DEGJS formValidation module.


    formValidation-required is an ES6 module. Consequently, you'll need an ES6 transpiler (Babel is a nice one) as part of your Javascript workflow.

    If you're already using NPM for your project, you can install formValidation-required with the following command:

    $ npm install @degjs/form-validation-required


    After importing, formValidation rule modules can be instantiated by passing an array of names into a formValidation options object:

    import formValidation from "@degjs/form-validation";
    /* Import the Required rule module */
    import required from "@degjs/form-validation-required";
    let validationOptions = {
        rules: [
    /* Instantiate the formValidation module on an element */
    let formElement = document.querySelector('.form');
    let validationInst = formValidation(formElement, validationOptions);

    Optionally, default rule settings can be overridden by instantiating the rule as a function and passing options as an object:

    let validationOptions = {
        rules: [
            	message: 'This message will override the default rule message.',
                events: [

    formValidation-required builds upon the HTML5 required validation pattern. Therefore, after instantiating the rule module, a field in the validation instance will be tested by this rule simply by adding a required attribute to the field input.

    This rule module contains its own default validation message. However, this message can be overridden by adding a data attribute at the field or form level (in that order of importance).

    Sample Markup:

    <form class="form" data-validation-required-message="This message will override the default rule message.">
            <div class="js-validation-field" data-validation-required-message="This message will override both the default rule message and the form element message.">
                <label for="firstname">First Name</label>
                <input type="text" required id="firstname" name="firstname">
            <button type="submit">Submit</button>



    Type: String
    Default: This field is required.
    The default message displayed when a field fails this rule's validation test.


    Type: String
    Default: data-validation-required-message
    The data attribute formValidation will check when determining message hierarchy

    Type: Array
    Default: ['focusout','submit']
    An array of DOM events that will cause the rule to run validation on a field (or the entire form, when using submit). NOTE: focusout should be used in place of blur due to event bubbling limitations.

    For more detailed usage instructions, see the formValidation Usage documentation.


    npm i @degjs/form-validation-required

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