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    Rod Licensing - Post Office Counter Licence Sales Processor

    The pocl-job package handles processing of Post Office Counter Licence sales files.

    The job will retrieve POCL XML files from the configured FTP server and download these into AWS S3.

    Each XML file is subsequently parsed and the payload is transformed into the required JSON format to be passed to the Sales API. DynamoDB is used to maintain state during the import process.

    Environment variables

    name description required default valid notes
    NODE_ENV Node environment no development, test, production
    POCL_FILE_STAGING_TABLE The DynamoDB table used for staging POCL files yes
    POCL_RECORD_STAGING_TABLE The DynamoDB table used for staging POCL records yes
    POCL_STAGING_TTL The time to live for records in either staging table no 168 hours
    POCL_FTP_HOST The hostname of the target FTP server yes
    POCL_FTP_PORT The port of the FTP service on the target server yes
    POCL_FTP_PATH The base path under which files should be written to the FTP server yes
    POCL_FTP_USERNAME The username used to authenticate with the FTP server yes
    POCL_FTP_PRIVATE_KEY_PATH The path to the folder containing the keys used to authenticate with the FTP server yes
    POCL_S3_BUCKET The name of the AWS S3 bucket in which to stage pocl data yes
    DEBUG Use to enable output of debug information to the console yes pocl:*, pocl:staging, pocl:transport, pocl:ftp
    AIRBRAKE_HOST URL of airbrake host no
    AIRBRAKE_PROJECT_KEY Project key for airbrake logging no

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    See main project documentation.


    npm i @defra-fish/pocl-job

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