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    The web and telesales service buying a rod fishing licence; for https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences

    To run from this directory:

    node src/gafl-webapp-service.js

    Environment variables

    name description required default valid
    NODE_ENV Node environment no development, test, production
    HAPI_KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT_MS Configure the keep-alive timeout on the server listener no 1 minute
    PORT The http port the listens on no 3000
    REDIS_HOST Hostname of the redis instance used for session caching yes
    REDIS_PORT Port number of the redis instance used for session caching no 6379
    REDIS_PASSWORD Password used to authenticate with the configured redis instance no
    CHANNEL The sales channel no websales websales, telesales
    SESSION_COOKIE_NAME Name of the session cookie no sid
    CSRF_TOKEN_COOKIE_NAME Name of the CSRF token cookie no rlsctkn
    SESSION_COOKIE_PASSWORD Encryption key for the session cookie (at least 32 characters) yes
    SESSION_TTL_MS Time to live for the session cookie and cache no 10800000
    ADDRESS_LOOKUP_URL Location of address lookup facade no
    ADDRESS_LOOKUP_KEY The API key required by OS places no
    ADDRESS_LOOKUP_TIMEOUT_MS The timeout in milliseconds for the lookup no 10000
    SALES_API_URL The address of the sales api no
    SALES_API_TIMEOUT_MS The timeout in milliseconds requests to the api no 10000
    GOV_PAY_API_URL The GOV.UK Pay API base url no Yes
    GOV_PAY_APIKEY GOV pay access identifier no Yes
    GOV_PAY_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_MS Timeout in milliseconds for API requests no Yes
    FEEDBACK_URI Location of feedback survey no #
    ANALYTICS_PRIMARY_PROPERTY Analytics ID for tracking inc ecommerce no
    ANALYTICS_XGOV_PROPERTY Analytics ID for page view tracking no
    ATTRIBUTION_REDIRECT Target for redirect of attribution endpoint no /
    SERVICE_PAGE GOV.UK service page no https://www.gov.uk/fishing-licences/buy-a-fishing-licence
    AIRBRAKE_HOST URL of airbrake host no
    AIRBRAKE_PROJECT_KEY Project key for airbrake logging no

    OS Places address lookup

    The address lookup can be port-forwarded locally to test the find-address page with a command similar to the following;

    ssh -L 9002:TSFSAB01:9002 TSFSWS01

    Where TSFSWS01 is a development instance with access to the facade at TSFSAB01. Details can be found here https://rattic-ops.aws-int.defra.cloud/cred/detail/1713/ . Don't forget to start the environment!

    Then set the URL as follows

    set ADDRESS_LOOKUP_URL=http://localhost:9002/address-service/v1/addresses/postcode-and-premises

    An address lookup key will also need to be set.

    GOV.UK pay setup

    The details of the GOV.UK payment API can be found here; https://docs.payments.service.gov.uk/#gov-uk-pay-technical-documentation


    npm i @defra-fish/gafl-webapp-service

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