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    Rod Licensing - Dynamics Lib

    The dynamics-lib package provides the interface to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics and defines the entity model to be shared by the different packages which comprise the Rod Licensing digital service.

    Environment variables

    name description required default valid notes
    NODE_ENV Node environment no development, test, production
    REDIS_HOST Hostname of the redis instance used to cache reference data no If undefined, local memory will be used for caching
    REDIS_PORT Port number of the redis instance used to cache reference data no 6379
    REDIS_PASSWORD Password used to authenticate with the configured redis instance no If undefined, authentication will not be attempted
    OAUTH_CLIENT_ID OAuth 2.0 client ID for client credentials flow yes 4000
    OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET OAuth 2.0 client secret for client credentials flow yes
    OAUTH_AUTHORITY_HOST_URL OAuth 2.0 authority host yes
    OAUTH_TENANT OAuth 2.0 tenant yes
    OAUTH_SCOPE OAuth 2.0 scope to request (client credentials resource) yes
    DYNAMICS_API_PATH Full URL to the dynamics API yes The full URL to the dynamics web api. e.g. https://dynamics-server/api/data/v9.1/
    DYNAMICS_API_VERSION The version of the Dynamics API yes The version of the dynamics web api. e.g. 9.1
    DYNAMICS_API_TIMEOUT The Dynamics API request timeout no 90000 The time in milliseconds after which requests will timeout if Dynamics does not return a response, e.g. 90000
    DYNAMICS_CACHE_TTL Default TTL for cached operations no 12 hours The default TTL for cached operations. Specified in seconds.


    See main project project documentation.


    npm i @defra-fish/dynamics-lib

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