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    @deepkit/bson is a high-performance TS implementation of a parser and serializer for BSON, the MongoDB Binary JSON format. It's the fastest JS BSON parser, even faster than native JSON.parse/stringify.

    Deepkit has reimplemented it because its a high-performane framework and both the official JS (js-bson) and C++ (bson-ext) packages are too slow. How slow? When converting 10k elements in an array, js-bson takes 25ms, bson-ext takes 31ms, whiles JSON.parse takes only 5ms. This makes the official BSON parser 5x slower than native JSON.parse. deepkit/type-bson on the other hand takes only 2ms and is therefore 13x faster.


    Parsing BSON buffer that contains an array with 10k objects.

    Method Time (ms)
    official native bson-ext 31ms
    official js-bson 25ms
    deepkit/bson generic v2 6ms
    deepkit/bson generic v3 4ms
    JSON.parse 5ms
    deepkit/type JIT 2ms

    Serializing an array with 10k objects.

    Method Time (ms)
    official native bson-ext 39ms
    official js-bson 33ms
    JSON.stringify 5ms
    deepkit/bson JIT 2ms

    "deepkit/bson JIT" means a parser/serializer based on a schema like so:

    import {t} from '@deepkit/type';
    import {getBSONDecoder} from '@deepkit/bson';
    const schema = t.schema({
        username: t.string,
        tags: t.array(t.string),
        priority: t.number,
    const decoder = getBSONDecoder(schema);
    const bson = new Buffer([]);
    const document = decoder(bson);

    whereas "deepkit/type generic" means schema-less:

    import {parseObject, ParserV2, ParserV3} from '@deepkit/bson';
    const bson = new Buffer([]);
    const object1 = parseObject(new ParserV2(bson));
    const object2 = parseObject(new ParserV3(bson));


    There are a couple of differences to the official serializer.

    • ObjectId is deserialized as string.
    • UUID is deserialized as string.
    • BigInt is supported and serialized as long.
    • Long is deserialized as BigInt.
    • Moment is serialized as long (like Date).




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