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    npm install -g @deck/app

    On Node 0.10 (with npm 1):

    npm install -g deck-app

    See for how this scope polyfilling mechanism works


    deck <command> [arguments]

    The @deck/app module acts as an entry point and CLI tool for deck.

    To learn how to use the GUI (e.g. global hot keys) see



    A slide deck is a "content module": a folder with at least a package.json and file.

    deck init

    Analogous to npm init, the deck init command provisions a folder with the files that make up a slide deck.

    Get Dependencies

    deck install

    Much like npm install when run without options deck install will install dependencies for a slide deck (generally we would do this after a deck init)


    deck install <slide deck name>

    When a slide deck is specified, deck will use npm to download and install the content module. Unlike an npm install, the resulting slide deck folder will placed in the current working directory instead of a node_modules folder. Otherwise all other npm behaviours apply (e.g. will lookup from repo as per npm config etc.)


    deck present [<slide deck path>] [!]

    When run in a slide deck folder, this will build a presentation from the file in the current folder then open @deck/gui for viewing and presenting.

    If a path to a slide deck is supplied it will likewise be presented.

    A special syntax deck present ! instructs deck to present the most recently installed content module.


    deck edit [<slide deck path>]

    Opens a slide decks file in the default systen editor (as per the $EDITOR environment variable). If given a path the file at the supplied path will be opened, otherwise a in the current folder will be opened.


    deck upstream [<slide deck path>]

    Creates a new branch on GitHub, pushes modified content and makes a pull request with the change.

    The slide deck does not need to be a git repository for upstream to function - however Github keys are required (see

    If a path is not supplied, the current folder is assumed.


    The deck system is built on and/or utilizes:


    To view other pieces of the deck system see

    Issues and PR's

    • Please open any issues for any deck related module on the community repo.
    • Any module specific PR's are welcomed on the corresponding repo.


    Sponsored by nearForm


    • David Mark Clements
    • Mihai Dima
    • Cristian Kiss


    Deck is an OPEN Open Source Project. This means that:

    Individuals making significant and valuable contributions are given commit-access to a project to contribute as they see fit. A project is more like an open wiki than a standard guarded open source project.

    See the file for more details.


    npm i @deck/app

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