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Equations for Calculating Cumulative Prospect Theory in prospectαbλe

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Helper functions for calculations related to Cumulative Prospect Theory for prospectαbλe.



yarn add @decidables/prospectable-math


import CPTMath from '@decidables/prospectable-math';

A class providing static functions for calculating Signal Detection Theory equations



Single class exposing static functions for CPT calculations. Each function takes values for one or more variables and returns the value of another variable. The functions are named with a list of the input variables followed by a '2' followed by the output variable, in camelcase. For example, hM2Hr takes as input the number of hits, H, and the number of misses, M, and outputs the hit rate, HR

Variable names

  • x = objective value
  • p = probability
  • v = subjective value
  • w = decision weight
  • u = subjective utility
  • a = α (alpha, diminishing marginal utility)
  • l = λ (lambda, loss aversion)
  • g = γ (gamma, probability distortion)

Methods w/implemented equations

  • xal2v(x, a, l)
    • v = if (x >= 0) x^a; if (x < 0) -l * (-x)^a
  • xlv2a(x, l, v)
    • a = if (x >= 0) log(v) / log(x); if (x < 0) (log(-v) - log(l)) / log(-x)
  • xav2l(x, a, v)
    • a = if (x >= 0) 1; if (x < 0) -v / (-x)^a
  • pg2w(p, g)
    • w = p^g / (p^g + (1 - p)^g)^(1 / g)
  • vw2u(v, w)
    • u = Sum_n(v_n * w_n)
    • Accepts numbers or equal-length arrays of numbers



Package Scripts

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    • Runs all tests in watch mode and reports coverage in test/coverage/
  • yarn test:file <filename>
    • Runs tests for a single file and reports coverage in test/coverage/
  • yarn build
    • Builds bundles from src/ to lib/

File Organization

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The content of this project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC-BY-SA-4.0) and the source code of this project is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 or any later version (GPL-3.0-or-later).

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