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Blockchain-specific code for the Sidetree-based DID Method implementation on Bitcoin

Getting started

Our reference implementation of the blockchain service is based on bitcored. Here is the list of instructions to deploy Sidetree's extension code along with the bitcored service:

  • Install a Bitcored full node using instructions at this link. We reproduce their instructions below since we run bitcored with node v9 rather than v4:

    • Install node version manager (NVM) by following instructions at this link.
    • Install node v9 by using:
      nvm install v9
    • Install Python, ZeroMQ, and Tools. On GNU/Debian distributions, do:
      apt-get install python libzmq3-dev build-essential
    • Install bitcore:
      npm install -g bitcore
    • Start bitcore (ignore --testnet for mainnet):
      bitcore create mynode --testnet
  • Clone this repository to folder $(SIDETREE_BITCOIN_REPO) and run the following:

      cd $(SIDETREE_BITCOIN_REPO)/bitcored-services/sidetree
      npm install bitcore-lib
  • Install insight UI:

    cd $(BITCORE_DIR)
    bitcore install insight-api insight-ui
  • Add a private key from a Bitcoin wallet to $(SIDETREE_BITCOIN_REPO)/bitcored-services/sidetree/config.json

  • Suppose that we install bitcored to $(BITCORE_DIR) on $(NODE_IP), use the following instructions to add Sidetree's blockchain service:

       cd $(BITCORE_DIR)/node_modules
       ln -s $(SIDETREE_BITCOIN_REPO)/bitcored-services/sidetree
       add the string "sidetree" to the services array in $BITCORE_DIR/bitcore-node.json
  • Start the bitcored daemon by running:

     cd $(BITCORE_DIR)
  • Verify that the bitcored installation was successful by pointing the browser to: http://$(NODE_IP):3001/insight/

Once Sidetree extension is running in bitcored correctly, we can now build and run the Sidetree blockchain service that will be talking to our Sidetree extension running in bitcored:

  1. Clone this repo and go to the root folder.
  2. Run npm i to install dependencies.
  3. Modify json/config.json accordingly. Some parameters of interest:
    1. Update bitcoreSidetreeServiceUri to point to the bitcored service configured earlier: e.g. ''
  4. Run npm run build to build the service.
  5. Run 'npm start` to start the service.




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