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    MQTT plugin for Ark Ecosystem

    MQTT plugin that broadcasts events to an MQTT broker. At the moment this plugin only broadcasts but might be extended with additional features as well as including an MQTT server so users won't have to run a separate MQTT broker.

    If you have any feature requests don't forget to open an Issue.

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    Adding plugin to config

    Before restarting your core service, you need to add the plugin into the core.plugins or core.relay section of app.json file:

        "package": "@deadlock-delegate/mqtt",
        "options": {
            "enabled": true,
            "events": ["block.forged"],
            "topic": "ark/events",
            "mqttBroker": "mqtt://localhost:1883"

    For production (eg. devnet/mainnet):

    1. Install plugin: ark plugin:install @deadlock-delegate/mqtt
    2. Add plugin to app.json
    3. Start your node as you usually start it

    For development (eg. testnet):

    You can run a development MQTT broker by navigating to etc/ directory in this project a run docker-compose up. This will start a MQTT broker in docker.

    Assuming you don't run testnet locally via docker:

    1. Clone this plugin into plugins/ directory of the core project
    2. Add plugin to app.json, for testnet the file can be found in: core/packages/core/bin/config/testnet/app.json
    3. Go into the plugin's directory: cd mqtt
    4. Build plugin: yarn build
    5. Run yarn full:testnet inside core/packages/core directory to start testnet with mqtt plugin



    MIT © deadlock delegate


    npm i @deadlock-delegate/mqtt

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