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    This node module contains a collection of Angular components. The primary consumer of this module is Nighthawk.

    Building the project

    This module is developed against Node.js v0.12.7. The components are implemented in TypeScript, and a build script is available to transpile the code to ES5.

    make build

    This command will generate the ./dist folder, which contains the transpiled ES5 source code.

    Running tests

    Mocha and Karma are used to implement and execute unit tests.

    make test

    By default, unit tests are run inside PhantomJS 2.1.1.

    Development workflow

    If you wish to automatically rebuild the project as you make changes to the source, the make build-watch command is availabe. Note: you must install Entr.

    # Ubuntu
    apt install entr
    # OSX
    brew install entr

    To automatically run unit tests during development, the use make test-watch.

    Releasing a new version

    This module is versioned using semantic versioning. When releasing a new version of the module, you must determine whether to bump the PATCH, MINOR, or MAJOR version number.

    • If the changes include only bug fixes, bump the patch number. Run make release-patch
    • If the changes include new features, but the module is still backwards compatible with previous versions, bump the minor number. Run make release-minor.
    • If the changes break backwards compatibility, bump the major number. Run make release-major.

    These make targets will do several things:

    1. Modify package.json, setting the new version number.
    2. Commit the changes to package.json.
    3. Tag the commit with the new version number.
    4. Push the new commit (and tag) to the remote.

    Once this module is published on the public npm registry, these commands will be updated to also run npm publish.




    npm i @dbx/apx-lib

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