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npm install --save-dev @daybrush/jsdoc

Support Typescript from version 0.3.0

name and type can be omitted in function and method

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function a(a: Parameter1, b: Parameter2): ReturnType {
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extends and implements can be omitted from the class.

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export class A extends B implements a {
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Supports type declaration

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 * @typedef
export type a<T> = () => T;
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Supports interface declaration

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 * @typedef
export interface a {
    a: string;
    b: number;
    c: () => void;
    d(a: string, b: number): void;
    (a: string, b: number): void;
    [key: string]: any;
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jsdoc.json (Add ts extension to includePattern)

    "source": {
        "includePattern": ".+\\.(j|t)s(doc|x)?$",

JSDoc 3

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An API documentation generator for JavaScript.

Want to contribute to JSDoc? Please read CONTRIBUTING.md.

Installation and Usage

JSDoc supports Node.js 4.2.0 and later. You can install JSDoc globally or in your project's node_modules folder.

To install the latest version on npm globally (may require sudo; learn how to fix this):

npm install -g jsdoc

To install the latest version on npm locally and save it in your package's package.json file:

npm install --save-dev jsdoc

Note: By default, npm adds your package using the caret operator in front of the version number (for example, ^3.5.2). We recommend using the tilde operator instead (for example, ~3.5.2), which limits updates to the most recent patch-level version. See this Stack Overflow answer for more information about the caret and tilde operators.

To install the latest development version locally, without updating your project's package.json file:

npm install git+https://github.com/jsdoc3/jsdoc.git

If you installed JSDoc locally, the JSDoc command-line tool is available in ./node_modules/.bin. To generate documentation for the file yourJavaScriptFile.js:

./node_modules/.bin/jsdoc yourJavaScriptFile.js

Or if you installed JSDoc globally, simply run the jsdoc command:

jsdoc yourJavaScriptFile.js

By default, the generated documentation is saved in a directory named out. You can use the --destination (-d) option to specify another directory.

Run jsdoc --help for a complete list of command-line options.

Templates and Tools

The JSDoc community has created numerous templates and other tools to help you generate and customize your documentation. Here are just a few:


Build Tools

Other Tools

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JSDoc 3 is copyright (c) 2011-present Michael Mathews micmath@gmail.com and the contributors to JSDoc.

JSDoc 3 is free software, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the file LICENSE.md in this distribution for more details.

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