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A Reactive State Management Tailored-Made for JS Applications

Elf, a newer state management solution, has been published. We recommend checking it out 🚀

Whether it be Angular, React, Vue, Web Components or plain old vanilla JS, Akita can do the heavy lifting and serve as a useful tool for maintaining clean, boilerplate-free, and scalable applications.

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Akita is a state management pattern, built on top of RxJS, which takes the idea of multiple data stores from Flux and the immutable updates from Redux, along with the concept of streaming data, to create the Observable Data Stores model.

Akita encourages simplicity. It saves you the hassle of creating boilerplate code and gives powerful tools with a moderate learning curve, suitable for both experienced and inexperienced developers alike.

👉 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Akita as Your State Management Solution

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