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    A helper library to create FDS accounts, create Consent Receipts JWT tokens, send them over Swarm, decode and verify tokens with additional layer to support Consent Manager smart contract and consent signing and verification of Consent smart contract on blockchain.

    DataReceipt.js library uses fds.js library to send consent receipt files over Swarm to another account ** BEWARE ** uses FDS.js multibox branch

    1. create account
    2. unlock account
    3. load project file
    4. load private key
    5. generate cr.jwt token
    6. send cr.jwt token to accountname/yourself and wait for delivery
    7. get all received files
    8. for each received file check if its cr.jwt token
    9. decode token and verify
    10. log out all messages that are cr.jwt tokens

    fds.js settings

    you need to provide FDS object in window.FDS property for fds.js and datareceipt.js to work with Noordung blockchain View network:
    Block explorer:

    window.FDS = new FDS({
        swarmGateway: '',
        ethGateway: '',
        faucetAddress: '',
        httpTimeout: 1000,
        gasPrice: 0.1,
        ensConfig: {
            domain: 'datafund.eth',
            registryAddress: '0xc11f4427a0261e5ca508c982e747851e29c48e83',
            fifsRegistrarContractAddress: '0x01591702cb0c1d03b15355b2fab5e6483b6db9a7',
            resolverContractAddress: '0xf70816e998819443d5506f129ef1fa9f9c6ff5a7'
        // multibox extension
        applicationDomain: "/shared/consents/"

    Sample usage

    let fd = new DataReceiptLib(); let password = 'test'; let accountName = 'testAccountName123123';

    Account must exist

    let subjectName = 'testAccountName1231234';

    Create account (will fail if it exists)

    let newAccount = await fd.createAccount(accountName, password);

    get account

    let account = await fd.unlockAccount(accountName, password);

    Load private key

    let loadPrivKey = await fd.loadPrivateKey(privateKey);

    Load Consent Receipt Project

    let loadSuccess = await fd.loadProject(project);

    Sign token in project

    let signedToken = await fd.generateToken();

    Send file ower Swarm and retrieve its Swarm hash

    let swarmHash = await fd.sendDataReceipt(signedToken, subjectName); where is cr.jwt stored?

    How to send from newAccount to newAccount using blockchain

    Get account address

    let userAddress = fd.account.address;

    Retrieve subjects address, this looks subdomain name in ENS

    let subjectAddress = await fd.account.getAddressOf(subjectName);

    get consent manager

    let CM = await fd.getConsentManager();

    create consent for swarm hash

    let tx = await CM.createConsent(userAddress, subjectAddress, "0x" + swarmHash); once transaction is finished

    get existing consents where account is DataUser

    let uc = await CM.getUserConsents();

    get existing consents where account is DataSubject

    let sc = await CM.getSubjectConsents();

    get consents for swarmHash

    let cf = await CM.getConsentsFor("0x" + swarmHash);

    How to check signatures

    Sign last consent as user

    let consent = await fd.getConsent(uc[uc.length - 1]);

    Get data location

    let location = consent.swarmHash;

    check if its signed by user

    let us = await consent.isUserSigned();

    Signing last consent as user

    await consent.signUser();

    let ss = await consent.isSubjectSigned();

    Signing consent as subject

    await consent.signSubject();

    Update existing consent with new consent and data at new swarm location

    let tx = await CM.updateConsent(prevConsentAddress, "0x" + swarmHash);

    display and check all user consents

    let uc = await CM.getUserConsents();

    Iterate through consents

    await fd.asyncForEach(uc, async (consentAddress) => { ... }

    let consent = await fd.getConsent(consentAddress);

    Check is user signed consent

    let us = await consent.isUserSigned();

    Check if subject signed consent

    let ss = await consent.isSubjectSigned();

    Check if both parties signed

    let s = await consent.isSigned();

    Check if consent is still valid

    letv = await consent.isValid();

    Consent update trigger previous consent to be revoked

    if updated anything else than 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 then consent was updated with another consent.

    let updated = await consent.isUpdatedWith();

    Get consent status

    Return values 0 - waiting for signatures 1 - active 2 - expired 3 - revoked status = await consent.status();

    get all received messages

    let messages = await fd.getReceivedMessages(true);




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