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    Manage profile and Web capabilities using IndexedDB.


    npm i @dashkite/zinc

    Use with your favorite bundler.


    List All Profiles

    If you want to allow for multiple identities, you’ll need a way to list the choices.

    profiles = await Profile.all

    Create A New Profile

    alice = await Profile.create authority, nickname: "alice"

    Get Current Profile

    alice = await Profile.current

    Set Current Profile

    Profile.current = alice

    Update And Store A Profile

    await profile.update -> @data.nickname = "alice"

    Create An Adjunct Profile

    await profile.createAdjunct authority, nickname: "alice"

    Get An Adjunct Profile

    await profile.getAdjunct authority

    Listen For Changes To A Profile

    Profile.on update: (profile) -> console.log "Profile [#{profile.address}] updated"

    Add Grants To The Grants Directory

    The key and ciphertext variables are the sender’s public encryption key and the Base64 ciphertext of the grants.

    alice = await Profile.current
    await alice.receive key, ciphertext

    Exercise A Grant For Use With A Request

    alice = await Profile.current
    claim = grants.exercise request

    Delete A Profile

    alice = await Profile.current
    await alice.delete()



    • A function or method with a dotted arrow ⇢ yields or returns a Promise
    • The :: indicates the prototype. Ex: Profile::exercise is a method, not a class function.


    Property: Profile.Confidential

    Returns the instance of Confidential used by Zinc to generate key pairs and other cryptographic elements, and to perform cryptographic operations.

    Function: Profile.on event-handlers

    Set event handlers for Profile-related events based on the event-handlers, which is a dictionary of events and handlers. Handlers should be functions that take an optional target argument.

    Profile.on update: (profile) -> console.log "Profile [#{profile.address}] updated"

    Function: Profile.dispatch event, value

    Fire a. Profile-related event. You typically do not need to call this directly.

    Event: update → profile

    Fired whenever a profile is updated. The updated profile is passed to the event handler.

    Function: Profile.create authority, data ⇢ profile

    Creates a profile for a given authority and data and stores it. Automatically generates encryption and signature keypairs for use with the profile. Returns a promise for the profile.

    Function: Profile.createAdjunct authority, data ⇢ profile

    Creates a profile using the address for the current profile for a given authority and data and stores it. Automatically generates encryption and signature keypairs for use with the profile. Returns a promise for the profile.

    Function: Profile.getAdjunct authority ⇢ profile

    Loads and returns the adjunct profile for given authority. Returns a promise for the profile.

    Function: Profile.load authority, address ⇢ profile

    Load the profile corresponding to the given authority and address.

    Property: Profile.all ⇢ array

    Returns a promise for an array of all profiles.

    Property: Profile.current ⇢ profile

    Gets or sets the current profile. Getter returns a promise for the profile. Returns undefined if the current profile is not set or has been deleted.

    Method: Profile::createAdjunct authority, data ⇢ profile

    Convenience method for Profile.createAdjunct.

    Method: Profile::getAdjunct authority ⇢ profile

    Convenience method for Profile.getAdjunct.

    Method: Profile::exercise request → claim

    Exercise the grant corresponding to the given claim. Returns a claim (a countersigned grant). The request argument must provide path, parameters, and method properties.

    Method: Profile::receive key, ciphertext ⇢ undefined

    Decrypts a directory of grants from base64 ciphertext using the given base64 encoded sender public encryption key, adds them to the profile’s grants directory, and stores the profile.

    Method: Profile::update handler ⇢ undefined

    Runs handler bound to profile and stores the profile. Useful for ensuring that profile updates are stored. Promise resolves when the update has been stored.

    Method: Profile::delete ⇢ undefined

    Deletes the given profile. If this the current profile, Profile.current will return undefined.




    npm i @dashkite/zinc

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