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Simple wallet address validator for validating Bitcoin and other altcoins addresses in Node.js and browser.

Forked from christsim/multicoin-address-validator which was forked from ryanralph/altcoin-address.

Key differences this fork

  • The library is completely rewritten to the TypeScript.
  • The library offers api for importing individual validators, which will have a positive effect on the bundle size in case of partial use.
  • Other size optimizations and test improvements.



npm install @dartess/multicoin-address-validator


<script src="wallet-address-validator.min.js"></script>


main entry point: validate(address, currency[, options])

Returns true if the address (string) is a valid wallet address for the crypto currency specified, see below for supported currencies.


  • address - Wallet address to validate.
  • currency - Currency name or symbol, e.g. 'bitcoin', 'litecoin' or 'LTC'
  • options - Optional. Usually networkType (string) or { networkType: string }.
option networkType

Use 'prod' (default) to enforce standard address, 'testnet' to enforce testnet address and 'both' to enforce nothing.

extra options
  • xmr (Monero) also support stagenet as options.networkType;
  • usdt (Tether) also support 'erc20' | 'omni' as options.chainType;


import { validate } from '@dartess/multicoin-address-validator';
// or const { validate } = require('@dartess/multicoin-address-validator');

const isValid = validate('1KFzzGtDdnq5hrwxXGjwVnKzRbvf8WVxck', 'BTC');

When connected via a script, it is available as a global variable window.WAValidator.

separate entry points: validate(address[, options]);

The same, but due to the use of a separate validator, there is no need to send the currency.

This connection can be useful if you only need to use some validators and want to save on the size of your bundle.

Not available when connecting through a script.


import { adaValidate } from '@dartess/multicoin-address-validator/currencies/ada');
// or const { adaValidate } = require('@dartess/multicoin-address-validator/currencies/ada');

const isValid = adaValidate('Ae2tdPwUPEYzs5BRbGcoS3DXvK8mwgggmESz4HqUwMyaS9eNksZGz1LMS9v');

Supported crypto currencies

  • 0x/zrx '0x' or 'zrx'
  • Aave Coin/aave 'Aave Coin' or 'aave'
  • Algorand/algo 'Algorand' or 'algo'
  • Aragon/ant 'Aragon' or 'ant'
  • Augur/rep 'Augur' or 'rep'
  • AugurV2/repv2 'AugurV2' or 'repv2'
  • AuroraCoin/aur 'AuroraCoin' or 'aur'
  • Bancor/bnt 'Bancor' or 'bnt'
  • Bankex/bkx 'Bankex' or 'bkx'
  • Basic Attention Token/bat 'Basic Attention Token' or 'bat'
  • BeaverCoin/bvc 'BeaverCoin' or 'bvc'
  • BioCoin/bio 'BioCoin' or 'bio'
  • Bitcoin/btc 'Bitcoin' or 'btc'
  • Bitcoin SV/bsv 'Bitcoin SV' or 'bsv'
  • BitcoinCash/bch 'BitcoinCash' or 'bch'
  • BitcoinGold/btg 'BitcoinGold' or 'btg'
  • BitcoinPrivate/btcp 'BitcoinPrivate' or 'btcp'
  • BitcoinZ/btcz 'BitcoinZ' or 'btcz'
  • BlockTrade/btt 'BlockTrade' or 'btt'
  • BTU Protocol/btu 'BTU Protocol' or 'btu'
  • Callisto/clo 'Callisto' or 'clo'
  • Cardano/ada 'Cardano' or 'ada'
  • Chainlink/link 'Chainlink' or 'link'
  • Civic/cvc 'Civic' or 'cvc'
  • Compound/comp 'Compound' or 'comp'
  • Cred/lba 'Cred' or 'lba'
  • Crypto.com Coin/cro 'Crypto.com Coin' or 'cro'
  • CUSD/cusd 'CUSD' or 'cusd'
  • Dash/dash 'Dash' or 'dash'
  • Decentraland/mana 'Decentraland' or 'mana'
  • Decred/dcr 'Decred' or 'dcr'
  • DigiByte/dgb 'DigiByte' or 'dgb'
  • District0x/dnt 'District0x' or 'dnt'
  • DogeCoin/doge 'DogeCoin' or 'doge'
  • Enjin Coin/enj 'Enjin Coin' or 'enj'
  • EOS/eos 'EOS' or 'eos'
  • Ethereum/eth 'Ethereum' or 'eth'
  • EthereumClassic/etc 'EthereumClassic' or 'etc'
  • EtherZero/etz 'EtherZero' or 'etz'
  • Expanse/exp 'Expanse' or 'exp'
  • FirmaChain/fct 'FirmaChain' or 'fct'
  • FreiCoin/frc 'FreiCoin' or 'frc'
  • GameCredits/game 'GameCredits' or 'game'
  • GarliCoin/grlc 'GarliCoin' or 'grlc'
  • Gnosis/gno 'Gnosis' or 'gno'
  • Golem/glm 'Golem' or 'glm'
  • Golem (GNT)/gnt 'Golem (GNT)' or 'gnt'
  • HedgeTrade/hedg 'HedgeTrade' or 'hedg'
  • Hush/hush 'Hush' or 'hush'
  • HyperSpace/xsc 'HyperSpace' or 'xsc'
  • iExec RLC/rlc 'iExec RLC' or 'rlc'
  • Komodo/kmd 'Komodo' or 'kmd'
  • LBRY Credits/lbc 'LBRY Credits' or 'lbc'
  • Lisk/lsk 'Lisk' or 'lsk'
  • LiteCoin/ltc 'LiteCoin' or 'ltc'
  • loki/loki 'loki' or 'loki'
  • Loom Network/loom 'Loom Network' or 'loom'
  • Maker/mkr 'Maker' or 'mkr'
  • Matchpool/gup 'Matchpool' or 'gup'
  • Matic/matic 'Matic' or 'matic'
  • MegaCoin/mec 'MegaCoin' or 'mec'
  • Melon/mln 'Melon' or 'mln'
  • Metal/mtl 'Metal' or 'mtl'
  • MonaCoin/mona 'MonaCoin' or 'mona'
  • Monero/xmr 'Monero' or 'xmr'
  • Multi-collateral DAI/dai 'Multi-collateral DAI' or 'dai'
  • NameCoin/nmc 'NameCoin' or 'nmc'
  • Nano/nano 'Nano' or 'nano'
  • Nem/xem 'Nem' or 'xem'
  • Neo/neo 'Neo' or 'neo'
  • NeoGas/gas 'NeoGas' or 'gas'
  • Numeraire/nmr 'Numeraire' or 'nmr'
  • Ocean Protocol/ocean 'Ocean Protocol' or 'ocean'
  • Odyssey/ocn 'Odyssey' or 'ocn'
  • OmiseGO/omg 'OmiseGO' or 'omg'
  • Paxos/pax 'Paxos' or 'pax'
  • PeerCoin/ppc 'PeerCoin' or 'ppc'
  • PIVX/pivx 'PIVX' or 'pivx'
  • Polkadot/dot 'Polkadot' or 'dot'
  • Polymath/poly 'Polymath' or 'poly'
  • PrimeCoin/xpm 'PrimeCoin' or 'xpm'
  • ProtoShares/pts 'ProtoShares' or 'pts'
  • Qtum/qtum 'Qtum' or 'qtum'
  • Quant/qnt 'Quant' or 'qnt'
  • Quantum Resistant Ledger/qrl 'Quantum Resistant Ledger' or 'qrl'
  • RaiBlocks/xrb 'RaiBlocks' or 'xrb'
  • Ripio Credit Network/rcn 'Ripio Credit Network' or 'rcn'
  • Ripple/xrp 'Ripple' or 'xrp'
  • Salt/salt 'Salt' or 'salt'
  • Serve/serv 'Serve' or 'serv'
  • Siacoin/sc 'Siacoin' or 'sc'
  • SnowGem/sng 'SnowGem' or 'sng'
  • Solana/sol 'Solana' or 'sol'
  • SolarCoin/slr 'SolarCoin' or 'slr'
  • SOLVE/solve 'SOLVE' or 'solve'
  • Spendcoin/spnd 'Spendcoin' or 'spnd'
  • Status/snt 'Status' or 'snt'
  • Stellar/xlm 'Stellar' or 'xlm'
  • Storj/storj 'Storj' or 'storj'
  • Storm/storm 'Storm' or 'storm'
  • StormX/stmx 'StormX' or 'stmx'
  • Swarm City/swt 'Swarm City' or 'swt'
  • Synthetix Network/snx 'Synthetix Network' or 'snx'
  • Tap/xtp 'Tap' or 'xtp'
  • TEMCO/temco 'TEMCO' or 'temco'
  • TenX/pay 'TenX' or 'pay'
  • Tether/usdt 'Tether' or 'usdt'
  • Tezos/xtz 'Tezos' or 'xtz'
  • Tron/trx 'Tron' or 'trx'
  • TrueUSD/tusd 'TrueUSD' or 'tusd'
  • Uniswap Coin/uni 'Uniswap Coin' or 'uni'
  • USD Coin/usdc 'USD Coin' or 'usdc'
  • VeChain/vet 'VeChain' or 'vet'
  • VertCoin/vtc 'VertCoin' or 'vtc'
  • Viberate/vib 'Viberate' or 'vib'
  • VoteCoin/vot 'VoteCoin' or 'vot'
  • Waves/waves 'Waves' or 'waves'
  • Wings/wings 'Wings' or 'wings'
  • ZCash/zec 'ZCash' or 'zec'
  • ZClassic/zcl 'ZClassic' or 'zcl'
  • ZenCash/zen 'ZenCash' or 'zen'

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